To Rue or Not to Rue, That is the Question

A Rue, in French, is a street. Simple enough, yes? But then there’s the Boulevard, the Place, the Allée…so, suffice to say, pay attention or you will get lost. We went to the Place de Clichy today to try a restaurant for lunch that was recommended in several books I’ve read. We thought we had the directions down but when we landed on the streets (because we are, in fact, Metro Moles), there were all these options from which to choose. We did find our restaurant but, alas, it is closed on Tuesdays. So, after meandering throughout the 18th arrondissement, we ended up at a quaint little restaurant called Bouclard. The server could not have been nicer, allowing us to speak French when she clearly knew impeccable English. And that could be the theme of this trip. The French are nice! Wow. Who would have thought?
We’ve been to Jardins de Plantes (lovely…a zoo within a garden).

We made our way to the Pére Lachaise cemetery where lots of famous people are buried. Amazing.

We went to have drinks at the Montparnasse Tower where the wait staff could not have been more accommodating.  Oh, and the view.  Manifique. A man, probably late 60’s in age, served us drinks, taught us French, and called himself La Luminière (the “Lighter” because he was able to fix a broken box with some whiskey in it that was meant to be illuminated). We met some people in the elevator lobby when we were leaving who spoke English. In striking up a conversation we found out one of the ladies grew up in Lawton and went to school at OU. Boomer Sooner.

Bought a pillow at BHV. My favorite store on the planet. David says Costco but I’m going all in for BHV. The pillows in our apartment could double for door stops.

Sitting in our apartment eating dessert and going to bed early tonight. We are expecting Joan, Marsha and Barb tomorrow morning. Andrew and Mairi are going to be here on the 10th (staying near here). Can’t wait to see everyone!

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