Road Scholars Rank Their 50 Favorite Books. How Many Have You Read? What Would You Add to the List?

I am reblogging this because I want to have access later. I’ve read about 17 of theses books and have seen the movie for about five more. I love to read and am now curious to knock out the rest of this list! How many have you read and what is your number 1 favorite?

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When I was researching my book Master Class: Living Longer, Stronger, and Happier I learned a lot about Road Scholars’ reading habits and book club involvement, but there was another question I was dying to ask. In a recent survey I polled 500 Road Scholars on their favorite books of all time; I knew they were well read, but the results blew me away and gave me a couple of titles to add to my own book bag! Universally recognized classics, Baby Boomer icons, recent best sellers, novels with strong female protagonists—they’re all here in this list of the top 50 vote-getters. (Actually, because of a tie, it’s 51.)

How many have you read? (I’ve read 18.) What would you add to the list? Why?

View a slideshow of all 51 books that made the list and add your comment below!

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  1. 22 was my total. Only two of the titles were new to me – a lot of the rest are on my “When I get around to it” list. But there was one big irritation on the list too – “The Thornbirds”. I hated that book and tend to suspect any list that includes it.

    I also wonder what the difference is between a Rhodes Scholar and a Roads Scholar.

    On a personal note – it is a shame that my blog-neglecting phase coincided exactly with your reappearance here on WP. I will definitely be going back and reading your posts. Give me a day or two. I always miss you when you are gone.

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    1. Hey, K! I knew you were a reader. I feel like my total would be higher except I can’t remember reading some so I didn’t count (e.g. Catcher in the Rye– required reading in school but, nope, no recall there). My stickler is Lonesome Dove. Can’t can’t can’t get through this one. I’ve been watching for you in my reader! Why the sabbatical?


      1. The last question was just answered in a post. I remember really liking Lonesome Dove. It is the only Western I ever read (and afterwards figured “read one, read them all”. ) So maybe that was a sign that it wasn’t so great?

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      2. Oh, no. I think it must be great but for some reason I couldn’t get into it. Maybe should give it another try. As soon as I get through “City on Fire” which is taking me forever.


  2. 24 was my total, though I wish there were a physical list so I could check out the others. Although, I was getting worried part of the way through. The older books are the ones I’d read, either required in school or on my own. Oliver Twist, Paradise Lost, Moby Dickare ones not on the list, or surprisingly Anne Frank. Thanks!

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  3. BTW, Isn’t it Rhode scholars? I also miscounted I’ve read 26 and not sure about Gone with the Wind. It would have been one I would have tackled when I was young but I’ve seen the movie so it’s easy to get confused although I’m most certain I did read it, which would then make 27. The others pretty much I read before any movie came out on them.

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