Devil-May-Care But He Don’t

Reposting because the Blogging God ate my link last post.

A Pierman Sister

A First Worlder’s Journal of Survival, Part 2
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Heatwave Apocalypse-Day 4
I’ve just returned from my morning Yoga and I’m watching a few dozen birds taking refuge from the heat under my shaded patio. The birds are not of the same feather and; therefore, should not be flocking together. Worse, they are pecking their tiny beaks on my window as if to beg, “Let me in!” I’m no Schindler so I don’t let them in. I told my blogger friend who lives in Austria how scary this was, like that Hitchcock movie, The Birds. I expected her compassion as she sits there where The Hills Are Alive and the temperatures are cool but instead she’s started calling me Tippi. Life is so cruel.

In the afternoon, Devil and I sneak towards the community pool in our golf cart but are caught…

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  1. Such an enjoyable read- and I loved the hair-do comment as it fell to the weather!! Good luck in the heat! It was 38 degrees in your favorite city last week but Paris is not partial to rising temperatures! I was changing clothes at an hourly rate till I realized I wasn’t wearing any and yet still too hot!
    I can see the Tippi resemblance- keep away from those birds 😂🤗😊

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    1. Ah, thank you for those comments. Yikes! 38 is a bit much, especially at night when it’s windows open and noise or windows closed and suffocate. I’d still rather be there than just about anywhere. Bises!

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