I started this blog in 2013 when my sister Joan (one of seven Pierman Sisters) and I planned a three month stay in Paris. It was going to be a way for folks back home in Oklahoma to stay in touch. Well, now it’s a thing.

It’s a thing I do for creative release. I love to write. It’s a thing I do to connect. I’m amazed at the people from all corners of the globe who read my blog and who get me. 

Now my topics include Paris…of course…it’s a love affair that I go back to again and again. But also those complicated yet endearing relationships I have with my eight surviving siblings and my mom and dad, born in the 1920s with the perspective that brings. And then I have volumes of thoughts about addiction and recovery since I have the dubious distinction of having not one but three sons who are recovering drug addicts. 

So I will keep writing as though the memories won’t slip through my fingers like sand if I just pen/pin them somehow.


  1. What an absolutely lovely story! I also fell in love with French via my high school teacher, and have traveled there often. It’s wonderful that you’re living your dream – and with your sister. How Cool! Can’t wait to read more. All the best, Terri


  2. I have been infatuated with Paris for decades, to the extent that I even wrote a book about one of our family vacations. And to find out that you’re also from Oklahoma? Well, we might have to become best friends… 😉

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    1. I see you’re from Tulsa whilst I’m from OKC. We probably can’t be best friends. It would be all Montague and Capulets all over again. Enjoyed browsing your website and am now following you. Thanks for tagging along with me as well.

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      1. Ah, yes, we come from two different worlds (especially since I now live in Dallas). There are just certain boundaries that one must not cross. We’ll just discreetly follow each other and deny everything if probing questions are asked… 😉

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    1. You as well. What a great thing you are doing with your blog. My mom pointed out some errors in my dad’s wartime chronology that I need to go back and correct. I. Will give my dad your well-wishes!

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  3. Hi! Thanks for liking my posts. I’m a new follower but I appreciate what you are sharing with the world. Not sure if this is your thing but I was invited to do a 3 inspirational quotes per day for 3 days where each post includes links to three of your favourite blogs. I don’t normally do these kinds of challenges but I like inspirational quotes and it might be a nice way to share what others are doing. Do you mind if I include a link to your blog in one of my 3 quote posts?

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  4. Thanks for following my blog. I followed you as well. I will be thinking and praying about your kids. I realised what I put my parents through when I was addicted. I love France historically it has lots of connections to Scotland. Richard

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    1. There is no doubt that addiction is a family disease. My sons are all still sober. I thank God they hold each other accountable. Stay strong on your journey, friend. I look forward to seeing you in my reader.

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