Our Apartment

Our apartment is great! 80 square meters is big for Paris. We are in an old building with two sets of doors requiring security access so we feel quite safe. Joan has fallen ill. We think it is the flu. She’s been in bed since noon yesterday. David and I walked to Luxembourg Gardens today. It is cold but the sun is shining. Our neighborhood is everything we could hope for with markets, grocery stores, brasseries and boutiques. It is one of two times per year that the French government allows store sales so I hope to do some shopping soon. We went by the school where we will start class on Monday. It is within a mile of our apartment.

View from apartmentJardin de Luxembourg

This is the last time I saw Joan alive
This is the last time I saw Joan alive

Our apartment

Cool old ceiling with new world technology


    1. That would explain it because Joan thought she got sick from Happy Eggs (another story for another day) but I thought I got a virus from her. We are very fortunate to have the apartment that we have. One bathroom would have been awful! How is New Zealand?


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