Flowers At Giverny But Not At Schmucks

There is a warp in the time-space continuum here. In some ways we just touched down on the runway of Charles de Gaulle. In other ways, we’ve been here forever.  Since the last post, we have done so many fun things and walked a hundred miles (maybe less).  Here are just a few of the highlights in pictorial.

We went the gorgeous garden and modest home of Monet in the quaint tiny town of Giverny.  We took a train to Vernon and a shuttle bus from there to Giverny.  It was really pretty and the little town was so sweet.  But it was incredibly crowded and we wonder what the experience is like in high-season?

We went to one of the places Brittany (American chef friend of Barb’s who trained at Le Cordon Bleu) recommended. Brittany’s notes:  “Schmucks: HANDS DOWN my favorite spot in Paris for drinks. In the summer we always sit outside on the patio on the floral covered rod-iron couches and chairs.”  My notes:  Uh hum…WHERE ARE THE FLORAL COUCHES?!  We asked.  No one knew.  We had a lovely conversation with an Iranian woman who spoke perfect English and was so kind when she spoke of America. This is not a typical response when in Paris.  So, we enjoyed the setting, enjoyed the company and the rosé was really nice.  We will go back to Schmuck’s, comfy couch or not.

Today we went to another of Brittany’s suggestions, the restaurant at the Ralph Lauren store. Brittany’s notes: “Ralph’s: This is an adorable and super fashionable restaurant inside the Ralph Lauren store. It has a beautiful outdoor terrace with Blue and White plush pillows on the seats outside. They are famous for their Ralph’s Burger but they also have other gourmet items like a great Lobster Salad and many other great mains.” My comments: Spot on. We happened to go today, Sunday, so we ordered from the Sunday Brunch menu. Yum. The only thing to add to her summary is that it is located at the Ralph Lauren store in the Saint Germain des Près area and NOT near the church de Madeleine (which we found out the hard way).

We are having a blast, trying to speak French (mostly, poorly), eating baguettes and doing our best to blend in. Despite our best efforts, while strolling through the Luxembourg Gardens today, a Frenchman breezed alongside us and said in passing, “Hi”. Sigh. We’ll keep trying.

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