Our Apartment on Rue de Sèvres

October 20, 2014

Sitting in my apartment and it is empty except for me. This little place has been Grand Central Station (I used to think it was Graham Central and I thought that was a person). The rest of the gang went to the Louvre this morning and we have plans to meet at the shoe department at Galleries Lafayette late this afternoon.

I’ve spent my “day off” reading, being cold (the radiators are off and I didn’t listen when the man told David how to turn them on), and listening to the sounds of construction workers in the building next door. Sometimes I hear that familiar police siren that you only hear in foreign films or when you are in London or Paris and I can’t help sing-songing “Il est mort, il est mort” along with the siren (“He is dead, he is dead”) because my French teacher last year told me that’s what French school kids do.

I took some pictures of our messy apartment because I want to remember the details. it’s suitable for the six of us but all things are not equal (bedroom and closet space especially). The stairs inside the apartment are very steep but otherwise I don’t think we have complaints.

This is the view from the kitchen window and also from our bedroom window.  The young lady that smokes all the time sits in the chair on the bottom left with the blue rails.  I can’t believe she was gone when I went to take this picture.

Here are are some pictures of our “closets”.  Larry and Rebekah are sleeping upstairs in the loft that Barb used.  Joan and Tom are in the bedroom with two twin beds and with all the closet space.  David and I are in a queen bed in a room with a slanted wall on my side of the bed so I’ve banged my head a few times already.

And let’s talk about the elephant in the room.  No, not the fact the Joan once again has the best room, I mean the real elephants. We’ve found eleven in our room so far.  Seems every day we count a new one.

We’ve tried to sit in the living room on what I have now deemed The MUC (The Most Uncomfortable Couch).
But we are enjoying being together and I don’t know if this was Rebekah being nice or being mean (I choose to believe it was nice), but before she left this morning she gave me a honey and cinnamon facial because that’s the kind of slumber party things we get to do when we are Pierman Sisters in Paris.

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