Picasso Museum Reopens

I play a game with David where I look at him, nose-to-nose, and his face becomes contorted and I say, “You look like a Picasso”. It never gets old. Been playing for 20 years.

We were lucky to be in Paris when the Picasso Museum reopened after being closed for several years for renovations.  We bought tickets online a few weeks ago and, boy, am I glad we did. The line for non-ticket holders was immense. The renovations were completed with much controversary and 22 million over budget (read the NYTimes article).  

It was a beautiful building (former Hôtel Salé).  I came away with a new appreciation for the artistry of Picasso who dabbled in many different mediums and styles.  Turns out, Picasso’s work was so varied, when I play the nose-to-nose game with David from now on, I will have to say, “You look like a Picasso, during his Cubanism years”. That seems too wordy.

The Kiss
Another Kiss. What was he smokin’?
Giant Mural –alarm kept sounding when people tried to study closely
So sweet and so not like my vision of a Picasso
At the Picasso café–check out the line of people waiting to get in
Picasso’s chair and palette
Top floor of museum is other artists that Picasso collected
Interior of Picasso Museum, former Hôtel Salé in the Marais

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  1. That kiss reminds me of my first kiss. I broke up the next day. I’d say from experiences of the 70’s it was LSD! Yeah definatly.


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