Paris Bois de Vincennes

There I was, literally, in the middle of Paris. Only at the City’s far east end.
On our last full day in Paris, we went to the Bois de Vincennes, a gorgeous forestry park at the city’s far east end. We took the metro there. When you first arrive, you see the giant castle that at some point was converted to a prison. I believe the Marquis de Sade (this is where “Sadism” came from) was once imprisoned. You can pay to visit, which we did not do this trip.
You can walk from there to the beautiful Parc de Floral de Paris which is where the big “Paris” sign is that we climbed on. Parc de Floral is part of the Bois de Vincennes.  We rented bikes and rode in and around the Bois de Vincennes. It was such a beautiful day! Thanks for great send-off Paris weather!



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