Long Time No Z

“What’s the dealeo, yo?”—Hansel, in Zoolander

You’re probably thinking, another blog about not sleeping?  Well…I could.  Haven’t slept well in two weeks. But, no.

This is not a post about insomnia.  This is a post about some bullshit called French movie houses that don’t get American movie releases for two weeks.

I’m talking about Zoolander 2.

The Husband asked me what I was going to do this week. The Louvre? Study complex French sentence structures? An art exhibit?  Negative. “I’m going to see Zoolander 2”, I announced like a 6-year old who’s just found out they are on their way to Disneyland.  The Zoolander 2 release has been circled on my calender since they announced it LAST year at the Paris Fashion Show.  Remember?  Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson walked the runway?  My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard.  These guys are hilarious!

So, I started trying to find where this Oscar worthy show would be featured and that’s when I learned it will not be showing in Paris until March 2.  This is bullshit.

Valentine’s Day and my 20th wedding anniversary are next week.  Zoolander 2 was going to be the perfect backdrop for romance.  Now I’m going to have to resort to some lame walk along the Seine with a view of the Eiffel Tower.  Meh.  This is such bullshit.

Oh, what I would give to see this movie in Paris!  Aside from Justin Bieber cussing in French which is brilliant (see trailer), French people give proper homage to films. They don’t talk through movies (Hello, Every American) and when it’s over, they don’t file out before the credits–au contraire–they often stand up at the end and yell, “Bravo! Bravo!” along with endless applause. Zoolander 2! That is gonna bring the house down!!image


  1. They act like a theatre audience then? That’s so cool. I hate it when people don’t wait til the credits have rolled. It feels disrespectful to the creatives and there’s usually good music! In much the same way, I always stay til the end of a play-out at a musical, to applaud the musicians. But then I was married to one for 20-odd years…

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    1. Yes! It isn’t unusual for them to stay until the final credit rolls. And I have been amazied at the ovations offered to what I would deem to be a mediocre movie. The theatres I have been to are also very small so it is a more intimate experience than stateside.


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