On Resolutions and Revolutions

I am resolved to find a way to sleep while the local pharmacist is resolved to keep the Sominex from me. Last week she sold me California poppies (not lying). Three days later, she reluctantly sold me something she warned would make me “flurry headed”.  Was really hoping for the flurries that night but neighbor Kravitz decided to play a Bollywood film on Dolby Sound from 11pm-3am.  The bass literally made me feel like I was in a-fib.

Saturday we went to watch the Chinese New Year parade. It was biting cold and pouring rain. The closer the parade, the pushier the 250,000 member crowd became. I have a slight fear of angry mobs so we left before it was over.

Went by RER to visit the Saint Denis Basilica where all the French royals (well most) are interred.

The basilica is run down; I suppose this is a statement of post-Revolutionary attitudes toward the royals. In fact, during the revolution, many of the crypts here were destroyed. On a positive note though at least they are cracking down on mockery:image

We went to the Concièrgerie, where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned before her execution. Not much of the original building remains. A cheesy mannequin with its back to you in a (recreated) jail cell is meant to evoke Marie Antoinette. Nope. Want my 8.50€ back.

One last revolt to mention and that is at 59 Rue de Rivoli where some years ago artists broke into the vacant building and became squatters. Here is a video I took when we visited (now open to the public). This insomniac loves that Mr. Sandman is playing in the background! I thought it was a sign.

I will end on this. 20 years ago, this guy–my rock, my one true love, my compass and my treasure–promised to love me forever. Talk about resolute! Happy anniversary, David. Je t’adore. Let’s face it, the man makes me flurry-headed.  image


    1. Hey, Matt. I checked out several of your posts and it’s like we’re leading parallel lives in some ways! I’ve signed up to follow your future posts and look forward to seeing them in my reader. Bonne soirée!


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