Your Move, Paris

If it’s true that, like chess, life requires you to move backwards before you can take a better step forward then I’m still in the game.

Yesterday I lost my hat and left home wearing only one sock. I blame this squarely on my lack of sleep which is affecting my ability for rational and cognitive thought as well wreaking havoc on my disposition.

With my muddy brain, even going for a walk is unappealing because Parisians never yield the sidewalk. It is an edict. They will pound you like a linebacker if you are daring enough to hold your course head-on. The usual rules of etiquette do not apply. Bobbing and weaving in this game of Sidewalk Chicken, I pass by the pharmacy that sold me wildly ineffective poppies for sleep inducement and I suppress the urge to cry out, “Do I look like freaking Toto or the Tin Man to you? Well, DO I??!”

Plus, I have a raging cold. Because Paris. In addition to my “sleep remedies” I’m now taking Mucinex which makes me feel like I’m on meth. So that.

Today we went to the Georges Pompidou Center where after admiring all the wonderful works by Picasso, Chagall and Matisse, I felt more myself. As the saying goes, I can now take a better step forward.

Scratch that. I accidentally ordered lamb’s brains for lunch.

Well played, Paris. Well played.

Enjoy these photos from my Pompidou visit of what else? Paris sidewalk scenes!


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