Looking Up in Paris, A Love Poem (Mostly)

The Paris night sky is like pink cotton candy, 

View outside our bedroom window
View outside our bedroom window

This fireman’s ladder sure came in handy, image
The Palais Garnier ceilings are a sight to behold, 

This Louvre pyramid I got to hold, image

This reminds me of Calvary Hill, image

This ridiculous bird I want to kill

Seriously, shut your beak.  Just shut it.

The End


  1. I’ve lived in central Paris for two years now and really value the occasional snatches of early morning bird song. Maybe your local blackbird doesn’t have a great repertoire and maybe he’s a bit early (it’s that pink, cotton candy that confuses them) but for me, the fact that there’s a wild bird singing in the middle of the city is something to celebrate. Sorry!

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    1. HI, Judith. Good to know it’s a blackbird. I can’t see him, just hear him. He’s definitely confused. He sings at 11pm night and also in the middle of the night. I was kidding really! I don’t want him dead, just want him to be in the right time zone.


  2. Interesting blogpost. I just came back from my trip to Paris and I was confused about where to go and try French food. Unfortunately this time I made it only in asian restaurants, but I will need to come back to taste something else;) You are welcome to check my newly created post about my Parisian adventures with photos;)

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