Well, That’s a Wrap

We left our little apartment on Rue Rambuteau on Saturday and headed for the airport. February 2016 trip is officially over.  We arrived in OKC wearing coats and scarves looking foolish (and feverish) in 70F heat.

You know where I’m headed just as soon as the jet lag clears:image

For the past month, save a grocery store clerk and some students who wanted to engage us in political talk, our lives were blessedly void of all political ads and news. But we got home on the eve of Super Tuesday.  Just ripped that band-aid right off.

Thank you, Readers, for following me this trip. I’m stunned and delighted that in February I picked up around 60 new subscribers and reached 36 countries and 6 continents (where’s the love, Antartica?).  I plan to keep blogging so I hope you’ll stay with me…

I’ll leave you for now with some more monkey photos I took since my related post.  Happy to report we are all caught up on Monkey Wine. What do you mean, you’re not surprised?

À la prochaine, mes amis!


  1. Look forward to more Paris posts, Alison. Need to check on the monkey thing. 🙂
    Where are the metal spheres? Couldn’t quite place it? Palais-Royal? Don’t quite see them there?
    Bon week-end

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      1. Ok for the spheres. I sort of recognized the architecture but not the spheres. I am delighted that some of my posts should induce wine tasting. Red I hope? Thinking of monkeys, did you read the monkey incident by your truly? (I’m getting mixed up) If not tell me I’ll paste the direct link. “Santé”. 🙂

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