Amalfi Coast, Like Jackie


I’ve just been busy busy busy you can’t imagine how busy I’ve been. There’s the eating, the walking, the eating, the shopping, the eating, the boating. Anyway, you see…I’ve got so little time to blog.

This is quick post and I must tell you, I did not find the Jackie pictures until we had left Positano.  I’m so thrilled to have captured similar shots of her time in Capri and Positano.

See Jackie’s sandal-maker in Capri and now see Dorothy’s?

And then we went for a boat ride and stopped to take a group photo nearby a grotto where we swam. Of course it’s not the same grotto but how lovely was our time there.

I will post more stories and photos of our two boat rides from Positano because they were extraordinary but for now I am busy busy busy. There’s the eating and the shopping and the eating and the touring…

Ciao ciao for now!

[Publisher’s note: The first person to zoom in on our group photo and mock my stomach gets clocked.  I meant to PhotoShop it then thought: Eh. By now you know about the eating.]


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