The A, B, Cs of Having a Good Time

I had a communications class in college. For whatever reason, I remember this: Communicating with other humans is complicated because if you and I are the only two people in a room talking, there are really six personalities there. How? Because each of us have three selves: A, B and C:

A. The person you think you are

B. The person I think you are

C. The person John Stossel exposes you to be on “What Would You Do?”

There were six of us in Italy. I can’t even do the compound math based on the above hypothesis. We got along just fine, really, considering the arena sized grouping of our Selves As, Bs, and Cs cavorting about. When there was bristling, it was when the As and the Bs acted like they were 5th cousins or had never even met each other. But whatever. I think that’s pretty normal. I prolly wouldn’t like Ali B as much as I like Ali A. [Publisher’s note: Mom, I intentionally spelled “prolly” wrong].

Anyway, here is what matters. The Rome Empire fell (as a point of clarity, it fell long before before we got there). We saw the ruins.

We walked the same cobbled-grounds as Caesar and the Pope.

We swam in a sea that I didn’t know existed.

We sang in the Blue Grotto. imageWe gazed at the Pietà. We rubbed the bronze cast of Saint Peter’s foot. We saw, probably, the greatest example of Raphael’s work in the world. (And we know who Raphael is). image

We saw casted remains of bodies of people who were just minding their own business in Pompeii, Italy in 79 AD and then they were gone.

We bought some hand-made sandals. image

I got a sassy new blue leather jacket that makes me think I look like J-Lo. We ate some authentic pizza and pasta. We drank Limoncello (though this was a duty and not an pleasure). image

We listened to Dire Straits on a boat while coasting along the Amalfi Coast on azure blue water under a sailor’s sky. We saw Capri up close one day and also every day from a distance when we glanced out our bedroom window.

We went to an Ice Club where it was -5 Celsius. imageWe got caught in the rain in Rome on a September evening and drank white wine in the basement of a centuries old building in wet socks and jeans.image

In other words: We. Nailed. It.

And now, here is what matters the most. To my sisters: We have amazing parents who are both still living and who need us all. Every A, B and C one of us.

Carry on, Soldiers.


      1. I miss you too, I will bring all three of my personalities and meet you on the deck. I’ve been stocking up on wine to get us through the brutal winter.

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  1. What an absolutely glorious post!! So much to look at I didn’t know which photo to keep staring at. Oh to travel as you are doing is one of my dreams. There is so much beauty on this earth and OH how I want to see it all. My Heart sings for you and all of your personalities because you are having a good time with those you Love the most. Bless you!!! And thank you for taking time from your vacation to post these wonderful pictures and write this awesome post!! ❤

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      1. Hmm. Wheel chair? Maybe, maybe not. Ask the people in rehab first. Some of them are magicians. My father broke his hip bone, it took weeks/months but he eventually walked again. Never say never until it’s over. 🙂 The important thing there is your father’s spirit. (And all you guys support) Be good, and have a lovely week-end. B.

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      2. Yeah. Heartbreaking. It is normal. Depression is most likely to occur. Your job (all of you) is to try and cheer him up. (Not easy) but also, help him get back some autonomy asap. For a man his age who likely was strong, dependency is depressing. Get him in rehab. the sooner the better. Best wishes Alison.

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    1. Thank you for reading! I enjoy your blog as well. What is up with the earthquakes in Italy? Can’t blame that on fracking like the ones happening here in the U.S.


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