Fake News is Not New

You know me Readers, I aim to keep my Blog relevant. So with today’s headlines being filled with the horrors of all the “fake news” being propagated by persons on social media, I feel very strongly about my post today.

While packing up my house to move to Arizona and I came across this “newspaper” written, illustrated and published by my then 9 year old son.

Turns out Fake News is not new, nor was it invented by social media platforms. A strong case could be made that it was started by a nine year old Okie boy. It’s hard to make out, but the headlines of the day were:

  • 3 Year Old Boy Bigger Than His Mother
  • 63 Foot Long Shark Found in Hawaii Washed Up On Shore
  • Dinosaur Found in Maine
  • Godzilla Found Dead in Tokyo
  • Dracula Found Dead in His Cascit
  • Man Kill Himself to See What Its Like in Heaven.

Special note: My son could not afford an editor at the time.



  1. Love your son’s creativity – though I must say that is a whole lot of death and destruction! Someday I will share my nephew’s childhood comic strip wit you – “Low Budget Man” – a superhero with no special powers or cool high tech-y stuff.
    What’s this about Arizona and how come I didn’t know you have a son?

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    1. Just posted again which will ‘splain the move to Arizona. My son was always a bit dramatic. He battled drug addiction for years but has been sober for 4. I have written about his life in recovery but admit there are a lot of years of stories I can’t quite find the words to tell. I will look forward to Low Budget Man!


      1. Around September I wrote “The Addict and the Boy”. That’s pretty much the Reader’s Digest version. I still need to catch up on your adoption stories. I stopped with “Not Lilly (Lillie?). The suspense is killing me!

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