Paris Perfection, No Fooling

We departed for Paris on April Fool’s Day. When we boarded our on-time flight in Dallas, the flight attendant looked at our tickets and motioned that our seats would be to our left.


We glanced at each other and then quickly to our right to the Den of Shame; the god-forsaken slums where we should have been heading. I’m fairly certain I saw our intended seats to our right, just behind the toilet and next to the screaming baby. Then we shrugged at each other and turned left toward FIRST CLASS.

We took our complimentary champagne and waited for the inevitable tap on the shoulder from Jennifer Anniston, “Ma’am, you’re in my seat”. But the tap never came and we never said a word to anyone because we don’t hate ourselves.IMG_5052

When we landed on time and without any turbulence in-flight, I knew we were under some sort of magic spell. The Uber app worked like a charm, our driver was exceptional and we arrived at our apartment in plenty of time to meet our guy, José. While waiting for José, we noted the Picard exactly 10 steps across the street from our apartment. Chocolate chip cookies for a month. Mine. All mine.

We were shown to the apartment which was 104 stairs up but there was an elevator. The apartment is the roomiest and brightest we’ve ever rented with a comfy bed, closets, terraces, and a pullout couch–which we have pulled out and made into our very own World’s Largest Sectional. The two sink bathroom also has a bathtub! Be still my beating heart.
From our apartment I walked to all my favorite parks, ponts and places under a warm and sunny Paris sky. Yeah, you heard me–warm and sunny.

I love April Fools Day. May it never end.


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