Collections, Clothes and Karma

Get ready to pity me.  Literally, I have walked the equivalent of two marathons on shopping missions this trip. Click here to be redirected to my GoFundMe page 😜.

My first mission is to find places where one can buy U.S. WWII Sweetheart jewelry. This mission was assigned to me by my friend, Cyn, who is a collector and a shopper. There is also a bonus: Secrets of Paris owner, Heather, thought this could make a good story. Here’s what I’ve been searching for:

Even though I don’t yet have a story for Heather, I count the mission a success because I visited the Drouot auction house (again), I perused the Paris flea markets (again) and found new (to me) odd little shopping districts.

St Paul Village

One merchant in a store in the St. Paul Village said he didn’t have what I was searching for but he did have something “Very, very precious involving Hitler” (I now regret it not pursuing this–what could it have been?).

I am finding some very yummy non-sweetheart items.  Most of the pictures are from Portes de Vavnes flea and Rue Cler Market. I bought that compass pendant (bottom pic) which has come in hella handy.

My other shopping mission has been to find dress for my son’s upcoming wedding.  As tradition would hold, I am trying to match the Mother-of-the-Bride in style and color. No dress yet but I am having exceptional luck finding other things I didn’t know I needed.

Of course I’ve been to all my favorite haunts: Réciproque, Galleries Lafayette, Printemps and BHV, but I also located this vintage jewel-box of a store at the St. Ouen flea (open throughout the week also):

Every day The Husband returns from school to find me back at the apartment battered, blistered and exhausted and he asks with sincerity, “Any luck?” I always respond with,

“No luck finding the jewelry or a dress, but I DID find…”

This morning I tried on some of my new swag for a mere 5 minutes. When I removed the outfit, I had this rash.

Karma. She’s a bitch.


  1. At least you’re smiling through the redness! Good luck!!!! Village Saint Paul is always interesting and Vanves, right near me is great value and such a local feel to it. Each arrondissement has a set brocante/street market every month- these are listed online for each area – look up online and you’ll find the site and the listings. It means basically clearing out the attic but there can be wonderful gems!! Happy Easter

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    1. I always spell it wrong, Vanves. It is one of my favorites. These markets are one of France’s greatest treasures. I hope they never end. Now, if you can please direct me to one with WWII emphasis, that would be spectacular!

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    1. Is shopper’s rash a thing? I’ve never heard of it either. Yes, the sweetheart jewelry is all the rage right now. Soldiers during WWI and WWII would buy little charms or necklace pendants to send home to their sweethearts or their moms and others. The charms would sometimes just be from the place they were stationed and sometimes it would be more patriotic. People are collecting them and turning them into bracelets, belts, etc. Has been fun looking but yielded very little thus far.


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