Will Our Fairy Tale End?

In the 6th grade Ronnie Roberts and Andy Cummins paid Rickey Hildebrand a quarter to kiss me. It was my first kiss and not exactly a fairy tale.

Rickie was the clear winner. He got a quarter and a kiss and afterwards we agreed to “go steady”, but I broke it off the next day. Like Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman, I wanted the fairy tale.

I got it. I have a husband who loves me and we are having a blessed life which includes renting apartments in Paris every year. But in 2015, the Paris mayor’s office began enforcing a law already on the books which prohibits foreigners from renting apartments for less than a year. This means our month long vacations here might cease. Apparently it’s approaching midnight and our carriage is going to turn back into a pumpkin.

C’est la vie as they say here in the land of enchantment. I still have my handsome prince and we’re still living happily ever after. Who says fairy tales don’t come easy?

Postscript: Ronnie and Andy grew up to be wonderful men despite hints of an early life bent towards crime. I never did find out what happened to Rickie Hildebrand.

I took a walk through Parc Montsouris yesterday. (The carriage ain’t a pumpkin yet.) Enjoy!


  1. I would not worry about the laws bringing an end to your fairy tale. They are rife in France, rarely seriously enforced – and there is always a workaround. As for ‘c’est la vie’ may I nicely beg to differ? That is one phrase I find is used a lot more by English speakers than in France. May the sun continue to shine on you in Paris!

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    1. I know. My husband is a worrier and a law-abider (basically he’s crazy!) so he feels like it is risky to continue expecting the short term rentals. We have met enough people here we will have options. So…what DO the French say?

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  2. We really are the same person. Good call on that Rickie situation. As for politics, I bet AirBnB and the Parisians will find a workaround for the mayor’s recent decision. And if not – there is always Vienna. (hint, hint).

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    1. I believe you are right. I think everyone is still doing the same old thing but a few have gotten caught and they’ve had to stop. If Marine gets elected, I might not want to come back! Vienna is on my bucket list. Canceled a trip there years ago because of a death in the family and have never rescheduled.

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