Just Another Day in Parisdise (Part 2)

So many famous people to meet on the Paris streets! Look at me up close and personal with Mick Jagger and Pope Francis!

You guessed it. I visited Madame Grevin’s Wax Museum in the 9th today. It walked a fine line between creepy, fantastic and educational. But I had no expectations going in so I’m going to give it a thumbs up.

The Husband and I went to have lunch at Popolare on Réamur (in the 2nd) today. The line is always blocks long so I got in line early and Hubs met me when he got out of school. Are you ready to hear what kind of haute cuisine they serve at this “not to be missed” Paris extravaganza? Pizza. Damn pizza. Yummy though with super fresh ingredients and nice servers.

After lunch we went to see the Frank Gehry building in the 16th. I will do a separate post about it but here’s a little taste.

My new favorite shopping street is Rue Saint Denis (north of Réamur because south is all restaurants). If you don’t mind walking past a few houses of ill-repute, there are dozens of clothing shops on Rue Saint Denis and all along the side streets. You’ve reached the end when you get to the wide boulevard separating the 2nd from the 10th with a giant stone arch. Go here particularly if you are looking for after 5, prom or wedding. Do note that several stores are wholesale only or “Pas de Détail”. I found a store called Alison! I’m destined to find something there on a good shopping day.

Just a few nitty gritties for those who are coming to visit my little slice of heaven someday! (Note: Numbers are referencing the numbered arrondissements in Paris. Learn these and life gets a whole lot easier).

À demain mes amis!


    1. Is this an idiomatic phrase? I don’t understand the April comment. I discovered a thread? The weather has been great, but this last week looks like it will rain quite a bit. Going home to floods and tornadoes so a little Paris rain seems not so bad.

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      1. Sorry. Totally idiomatic. When my mother first told me I did not understand. In April do not uncover yourself one single thread (of clothes, warm, woolen). Because the weather in April is unpredictable. In May do as you wish, coz it is warmer. Going home already? When? How are your parents?

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      2. That’s a good one. I will need to use it on some of my french friends here. Yes, heading home on Sunday and on Monday my mom is having surgery for a heart condition. Dad is using a wheelchair only now. Suppose it is a matter of time before he won’t be able to stay at home. Day at a time right now. Thanks as always for asking.

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      3. You’re welcome. Surgery on Monday? All the best. Yes, you are right: One day a t a time. It is the only way. Glad you enjoyed Paris. Your parents will be happy to see you.

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