A Pimple-Faced Dreamer

Since my last desperate post about my severe and chronic insomnia, I’ve had an outpouring of support from my blogging and Facebook communities. Some of you were perceptive enough to recognize that I was teetering on a frightful precipice because my extreme sleep deprivation was making me, well, want to die.

I am ecstatic to report that my new doctor worked arduously with me for a couple of weeks tweaking this and adjusting that until finally, I sleep like the rest of you. Yes, it has only been a week but it is the first week in a 1,000 I have not needed a sedative to sleep.

Now, there is the matter of the hormone induced facial blemishes which I find myself counting. Since The Husband has a bad habit of counting his golf shots out loud—and I’ve admonished him plenty about this very disturbing habit—I deserved it when he pledged to stop counting his golf shots out loud if I would please stop counting my pimples. My eyes met his reflection through my magnifying makeup mirror and I shrugged at him which is the universal sign for, “Sorry, Bub. You promised me ‘for better or for worse,’” then continued, “Five, six…”BA0C5204-9DB9-4758-8E07-22F31AB019F9

I was diagnosed with ovarian failure in my 30’s and have a metabolic rate so quick that I require much higher dosages of medicines than even my husband who outweighs me by 80 pounds. Thanks to my new unconventional doctor, I am now on three prescribed hormones (one of them at 6 times my prior dosage) and five supplements plus I am required to avoid alcohol and dairy. All of that and acne, too? No matter. This sleep thing is everything I ever dreamed it could be.

“Seven, eight…”2F4FF7CA-27E5-45BB-8EE5-19001B251F67


  1. Oh no! That’s the problem with medicine: they cure one thing and give you other things you didn’t have to begin with. Dreaded side effects. My husband underwent chimo and radiotherapy for 6 months earlier this year: the tumour is gone, thankfully, but he is still feeling the after effects of all that treatment, even though it all stopped in June!!! Sweet dreams! Zzzzzzzz

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  2. Glad you’re sleeping and that you did it naturally! Yea! I don’t know what to say about the zits, but I think those will probably level off as your body gets used to it’s new regimen. Best to you and have a great holiday weekend.

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  3. Hopelessly delayed, let me say that I am so glad you have upgraded from insomnia to pimples. I’ve had my own first experiences with sleeplessness in the past year and know how desperate it can make one feel. Pimples, on the other hand, . . . I have never heard of a case that went on for life.

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    1. Happy to share with you what has been working for me offline if you like. (Friend me on Facebook at Alison Oshel). I’m sleeping with abundance now and can’t even describe the elation of feeling simply human.

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