Do Weed and Hash Smell the Same? Asking for a Friend.

Our last day in Amsterdam was marvelous. It felt good to be on our own with no tour guide and what’s more nobody in our group saying, “My headset’s not working?” (Followed by, “Turn it on.”)

We tried to get tickets to the Van Gogh Museum but they were available by online purchase only. Instead we went to the Banksy exhibit at the Modern Art Museum next door. I am so glad we did.

We jumped on and off the tram to find ourselves in the sweetest neighborhood where we had lunch. I have to say that Amsterdam is special in this way. It has so many moods and attitudes that one merely has to walk to find what suits them.

What suited me was finding a coffee shop. I don’t do drugs and since I have three sons who had their fair share of drug related problems, I don’t generally condone the use of drugs. But this was for research, really.

The Husband reluctantly followed me into the least seedy coffee shop I could find. I approached the counter, ordered “the weakest stuff you sell”. It was an already rolled joint and very large. 5 Euro. I took two puffs and remembered why I don’t smoke then left with this giant doobie (can you guess my age?) in my purse. While there is really nothing else to this story (as the buzz was non-existent) this has afforded me the right to say things like, “I used this purse to carry my weed in Amsterdam” or, “Remember that time I bought weed in Amsterdam?” (Of course I threw away the weed in the hotel trash that evening).

Me With My Weed Purse—Amsterdam 2018

Heading for the airport this morning I worried about the drug dogs, my sore throat and the fact that my right eye was red. I knew I was just being paranoid.

But guess whose bag got searched in the security line, had their umbrella searched, AND was chosen for a “random” search of bags and person before boarding the plane? When we landed my carry-on was searched yet again. You guys, I was carrying my WEED purse!


  1. Dang it. Now I want a weed purse. (It has a certain lovely cachet, speaking of cultural adventure and lovely conversations in riverside cafes.) When we went to Amsterdam, we all swore that we would do research as well, but we were all so busy running amok and eating and having a terrific time that it wasn’t until the flight back when it hit us that, oops, we forgot that part…

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    1. Gosh, Brian. You don’t even have a weed wallet or anything? Well, it felt a little dodgy even though it was legal so don’t feel too bad about missing that part. Great city though, right?

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  2. So was the research to see what kind of a buzz you get with weed and coffee Leon says no weed and hash do not smell the same He heard this from a friend lol

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    1. I wonder if we have the same friend? 😜Research was just to see what it was like to purchase weed legally and sit down in a coffee bar to smoke. It was just like ordering a tall mocha latte.


  3. It’s legal in California and it makes me nauseous and gives me a headache. I hope I never “need” it. My grandson grew the stuff in the great state of Colorado, supposedly for about 3-4 patients, but I think he was consuming more than he grew (he had a prescription). He no longer is and finally kicked the habit.

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    1. I think Amsterdam is different because you can buy it and smoke it right there. Don’t know if that’s the case in CA but I know you can’t do that in CO. It was interesting to see and I’m glad I experienced it. Never have enjoyed it though so there was no draw for me in that way. One thing I was impressed with was very few homeless people and no one I saw looked smashed or dressed “the part”. That was a pleasant surprise.

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  4. You had no choice. When in Rome, or when in pothead country… And you clearly helped their economy by purchasing what in my neck of the woods is still illicit and yet hangs heavily in the hippie festival air like my mother-in-law’s White Diamonds two weeks after she’s left our home. I hope the next time you don your purse, you feel very urban and street and dope and whatnot.

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