Eiffel Apart—I’m Back Now and PARIS Bound

God shoot me, do not deny your mouth what you grant your butt.  —Pierre Desproges

We are on our way to Paris today. It has been nearly two years since our last trip. Two years and a lifetime.

I haven’t felt myself much lately. I certainly haven’t had any inspiration to write. My six faithful readers might remember that I just posted on my blog in November but, nay, that wasn’t me. I was influenced by a sleep aid that causes hypnosis. So my alter ego did that posting. I wasn’t too upset with “her”.  I was; however, surprised when the champagne bronze kitchen faucet arrived in the mail two weeks later. “She” had apparently done a little cyber shopping the same night. And I say, “Damn. Alter-Ego Girl got some shopping game!”img_0018

I (we?) noted in my last blog post that I took a test that said I had an Icelandic personality. I took a different test hence that revealed my character is most suitable to the Stone Age. I’m presently very afraid. Are there other Icelandic Stone Age people out there or am I the last of my kind—a would-be Black Rhino?img_1631

I left a note for my sister, Dorothy, who will be dog-sitting for us while we are away [Note to Editor: Insert Wizard of Oz pun here]. It went something like this:

  1. DO NOT let Devil on the couch (unless he has his blankey)
  2. DO NOT let Devil sleep with you (except in the morning when he will need some snuggle time and also have his eye boogers rubbed out)
  3. Walk him if you have time; if you don’t he gets restless. 
  4. DO NOT allow Devil to become restless. 
  5. He might need his anal glands cleaned.

It’s weird I haven’t heard from Dorothy and we’ll be boarding any minute. img_1761

Our construction project at the Casa wrapped up last month—why that only took twice as long as it should have. Our contractor remains alive. Our Town of Carefree is once again carefree.

I have been keeping a list of things to do in Paris for the past two years. I gather these tips from other blogs, social media and reading that I’ve been doing. My list is about 30 items long and a good 20 of them are bars which is excellent news as three Pierman Sisters are joining us in March. For sure we’ll be seeing this guy (he’s my spirit animal):img_1671

Thanks for tagging along with me this trip. I will try to be inspired to write by Ma Belle Paris. And I hope to sleep naturally (though the sleep aid has been packed so that might be super fun for all). At any rate, “we” will be blogging soon. 

À la prochaine!


  1. Have a great trip, and come home rested after your Paris fix! I can identify with what house remodeling can do to a person. Ours was done in 2015 and still have flashbacks and have to take to my bed. Glad your construction work is finished. Enjoy your time in Paris.

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    1. Ah. You’ve finished the twelve steps then? I’m still at the beginning and tend to want to kill Doug. Yes. His name was Doug. That’s one of the steps, no? Thanks for the props. I am excited to get to Paris!

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      1. I’m getting there, Alison, but be assured it is a slow process recovering from a remodel. At least you had (“had” being the operative word) Doug to blame. I didn’t have a husband to blame! I more or less lived in my computer/sewing/junk room for the duration as work was being done in a bathroom and the kitchen and wall-to-wall carpet was being ripped up and replaced with new floor covering. One day I curled up in the fetal position on the floor and took a nap — praying no one would tap on the door and say, “Ms. Morrison, I have a question.” Dog Silas thought it was great fun having guys coming every day and doing “guy stuff.” In fact, the day after the work was finished, Silas sat at the door and growled at 7 a.m. because no one had come to work. I was doing the happy dance. Just goes to prove what was it Abe Lincoln who said, “You can’t please all the people all the time.”

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      2. Oh, Silas and my dog would get along great. Jersey (aka Devil) got fat off the workmen who would feed him part of their lunch and then he would do a general site inspection every day (because Doug wasn’t always there to do it). Let’s not talk about it anymore. It’s too hard to relive it!


    1. I will have to try to figure a way to identify my “guest blogger”. But that last one was just me, as the French say “VO”—version originale. I always appreciate you stopping by!

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  2. Glad to see you are back on the saddle (not sure what Stone Age people used, maybe a large leaf. Did they even ride horses???) Have a great time in Paris. We’ll be in the Herault department, on the Med in southern France, on Sunday until Thursday, if you fancy another long trip! Bon voyage! 👍✈🌞


    1. Merci! I already have tickets to Atelier des Lumières but am bummed they changed the installation and now it is the same one I saw in Les Beaux. I will add Deyrolle! I’m still waiting for your Madrid tips! Tick tock…we go on Mar 5.


  3. Hey lookie here who’s back!! (Now guess whether I am talking about you or me . . .) So happy to have you back in Paris and writing again. Even if you ARE a Stoner (that’s what they call Stone Age people, right?) I would try that quiz, but I’m afraid it would land me in the Dark Ages – or maybe 1930’s Germany. Looking forward to the next posts, which I should be getting to in . . . about five minutes.

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