Totally Onboard for Toledo

Our train ride from Madrid to Toledo took about 20 minutes. Then on arrival at the Toledo train station we jumped on a tourist bus (complete with audio headsets) and climbed up the hill. And all that is Spain was before us.

This beautiful and majestic countryside is what we all had imagined when we closed our eyes and dreamed of Spain.

My sisters forgot my Rules 1-3:

  1. Wear socks. This is true in life and travel because socks are awesome.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes. 
  3. Dress in layers. 

Within minutes of arriving in Toledo, Judy’s teeth were chattering. I think perhaps she was dehydrated because it wasn’t really that cold but, less than a football field’s walk through town, all my sisters were shopping inside a (heated) clothing boutique. Judy and Dorothy bought coats and Marsha bought a shirt. (I hope they didn’t forget crucial Rule 4: Bring a giant suitcase and leave loads of room for purchases).

Dorothy in her new coat

We visited several churches and a synagogue. Toledo is historically notable for its diversity of religion and their citizens’ ability to live peaceably together. Although, it should be noted, Toledo was also the capitol of the Spanish Inquisition (the building where the trials and torture took place is now a night club).

Jewish synagogue in Toledo


The bell tower of a Jesuit church

We had lunch on the terrace of a sweet restaurant in the Jewish quarter and enjoyed two bottles of wine.

This was a bathroom stop. We are still not ready for more tapas.

Wine, it is a well known fact, is a promoter for more shopping. So off we went. This time for Marsha to purchase shoes for her swollen and blistered feet. (See Rules 1 and 2).

We met a French couple who tagged with us for a bit. Neither of them spoke English so The Husband and I were able to use a little of our French. I tried to learn Spanish before the trip but my brain kept moving to Italian and French. Stupid cerebral cortex.

Toledo reignited our imagination and passion for travel in Spain—Marsha and I might even take some Spanish lessons this summer. Thank you Toledo for giving us a glorious final day in Spain and adios.


We are all back on a plane heading north to our beautiful Paris. My sisters will go to bed tonight near the airport for their flight home tomorrow. I miss them already.

Dorothy. Always laughing. Always up for adventure. Spontaneous. When she’s happy, I get warm inside my heart.


Judy. Always curious. Always searching and learning. Always caring. Makes me feel like I’m the most special girl on the planet.


Marsha. Always agreeable. Always easy. Fiercely loyal. When she laughs, it’s like I’m seeing the face of an angel.


I love them so.


  1. I have never been to Toledo itself, but a friend of mine married someone from Ocaña, a beautiful village in the Toledo province which is supposed to have one of the most beautiful main squares (Plaza Mayor) in Spain. It is indeed a lovely area, but being in the heart of Spain, far awaye from the warm Mediterranean coast, Castille gets very cold in winter. I glad you wore sensible clothing and even more glad to know you want

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your comment cut off but I think you were going to say “want to go back to Spain—or—want to learn Spanish”. I wish I could get the Italian devil off my left shoulder! I understand a lot more Spanish than I can communicate. And it was such beautiful landscape and people. Will definitely go back.

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    1. My first long time stay here was three months and I stayed near this cemetery and walked past it going to and from school. Thank you for the link though. I like reading other people’s perspectives.


  2. What a wonderful post – your sisters must have been touched. I can tell you are missing them.
    Have you been to Barcelona yet? If not, I highly recommend it for your next Spain trip. It is the only place that has come close to bumping Vienna off the #1 spot on my Favorite Cities list.

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    1. This was my first trip to Spain and we had to decide between Madrid and Barcelona. Definitely going back so will do Barcelona next. Loved Spain. My sisters are amazing. We had the best trip.


  3. Alison, we spent a few days in Toledo, and it was charming. There’s lots of history, both good and bad, in these old Spanish towns – and Toledo certainly qualifies. I loved the beautiful train stations on each end of the Madrid-Toledo train, and the Jewish Synagogue is one of my favorite buildings of all time. The next time you visit Madrid check out Segovia. It’s very cool as well. Oh, and BTW, take your sisters along. 🙂 ~James

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    1. We really loved this part of Spain and I’m eager to go back for a longer trip. I adore my sisters but need to do a reconnaissance run before I take them on my next trip! So nice to have you back in blogosphere.

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