Guest Blogger: Devil Dog

Hi, I’m Devil Dog. That’s not my real name but I don’t mind the nickname. It has a bad boy vibe.

I’ve highjacked my mom’s blog to tell about my last month. My mom and dad went to Paris for a month and left me with my first mom, Mama Dorothy. At first I was OK with the whole arrangement because I got to go for a car ride.  But then, I had to go to the groomers twice. Twice? Some noise about me stinking.

I’ve also been dealing with Mama Dorothy’s new dog, Sadie, who gets in my bed, plays with my ball, and sniffs my butt. I hate all of that.

Me in my bed #mine

My people say that I don’t like yellow dogs but that’s not true. I don’t see color. (No, I mean, I’m a dog, I really don’t see color). But I will admit every dog I ever fought with was yellow and that includes Sadie.

Hey. What’s this key do?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ OK. Cool.

Anyway I miss my people because when we are together I always get to chase the ball chase the ball chase the ball. #chasetheball.

The thing with the ball is that it’s my ball. It’s mine. It’s mine mine mine. #mine. I can’t seem to get that through Sadie’s thick skull. I don’t mean she’s dumb or anything. She just has a really big head. See?

Look at Sadie’s thick skull. I’m starting to like her #puppylove

My people will be home tonight and I’m really excited (because ball) but I’m prolly gonna eat some toilet paper when they first get home just as a revenge move. When I say goodbye to Sadie, I’m gonna let her have one last sniff at me on my way out the door and I’m gonna tell her, “Stay gold, Ponyboy.” You know, ‘cause she’s yellow and not because I think she’s sweet or anything. Gross.

Here’s some video of me chasing the ball.

Peace out, DD


  1. Molly and I are not sure how we feel about the blonde dog reference but, like Devil Dog, glad you guys are back on this side of the pond. Welcome Home!

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  2. You are gorgeous, Devil Dog and I love that video of you chasing ‘your’ ball, just like my Beano does. And I adore that big smile of yours: you look so happy. I think Jack Russels ROCK!
    I hope your people are back now and that the toilet paper won’t give you indigestion. Make sure you drink lots of water with that. I wish you could come and play with Beano. Big hug.

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    1. Woof. My belly is so big from eating as much as I could and as fast as I could so Sadie didn’t get my food #mine. I’m excited to go for my usual two mile walk today. Life is good.

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  3. I love Devil Dog. Sally looks like she has powerful jaws. Devil Dog might want to be wary of future tugs of war.

    Actually, I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like… except for that doberman someone sicced on me once in my 20s when I was just trying to do my job.

    I hope you’ve had a good trip home. Your time in Europe sounded like a whirlwind after the sisters arrived.

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    1. Yes Sadie was supposed to be a Ridgeback but she certainly has pit bull in her. I got chased by a dog walking home from 3rd grade. Stays with me when I see an unknown dog off leash. The trip was very high paced and I was ready for some down time after the sisters left. Back home now and my dog is snuggling me as we speak. Have a great day!

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