Patsy Hooten Hates Paris

I had an idea of what I was going to do with all those minutes I saved in my life by typing lol instead of laugh out loud or smh instead of shake my head when The Husband asked me why I signed my text to him “Ty” and I had to explain it meant Thank You. There went all my saved time.

My idea is that I will finally write all the rest of my Paris blog posts but due to new time constraints (ahem. Ty.) I will make this one brief.

Patsy Hooten said she hates Paris because it lacks art. Smh. If you know Patsy Hooten of OKC, let her know you disagree.

No, Paris does not have Italy’s backdrop of trees and gorgeous weather but Paris has art. So these photos from my 2019 trip are for Patsy because I want everyone to love Paris.


Street buskers (OMG that little woman in the video):

Street band in Saint Germain


Buildings and bridges:

Statues, monuments and sculptures:

Street Art:

Don’t forget to give Patsy a hard time and Ty!


    1. Thank you. There is some real artistic talent out there that mostly remains anonymous. I think that’s the spirit of a true artist. Thanks for always following and commenting.

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  1. Thank you for the tour of my beloved city, Alison. 🙂
    We need to get you a French passport, or at least a recognition from the Office de tourisme.
    (Counting the days to July, I hope you are safely home)

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    1. I guess it’s good to spread the love around the world. Paris is not for everyone. It’s crowded and noisy and dirty in parts. That’s not beauty but there’s something about it that has a pulse like no other city. Thanks for dropping by!


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