Just Staying Afloat

For over a year I’ve been metaphorically treading water. And though I might portray on the outside, “Come on in, the water’s fine”, On the inside I’m Steve.

I want to be Kylann (foreground) but I’m Steve (background)

Covid was the springboard, of course, then came the summer of 2020 when protests got hijacked by looters and vandals. It was like that kegger in high school that seemed like a good idea until the rest of the senior class showed up. Only instead of a broken lamp in your parents’ living room it was the plate glass at Nordstrom’s and instead of a cigarette hole burned into the rug, the police precinct was on fire. Still, there were no adults present and it wasn’t fun when the sun came up.

My dog got mauled by another dog right after he lost his eye.

There was the election. Accusations of vote stealing were matched bite for bite with rumors of voter suppression. Spoils spoils spoils, though the victor was not immediately known.

I got braces.

January 6 happened.

For a flicker of a moment when the guy with the R was gone and the D’s rage quelled to a simmer, when I and my husband were vaccinated and the Covid counts were coming down I felt hopeful. But here we are—it’s summer again. I just passed the springboard on my way to the high-dive.

My hairstylist and friend died from Covid (July)—she was going to get the shot when it was FDA approved (August). There is no way to convince the unvaccinated to reconsider. Believe me I’ve tried to the point of fracture.

There was an earthquake in Haiti—bigger than the one that sprouted non-profits to form and celebrities to show up but this one doesn’t even make the chyron.

California is on fire— both literally and figuratively. Florida. There is a reason for the Florida Man game (look it up). Meanwhile the governor of New York has just resigned amid several crises. Remember that kids… more than one crisis is crises. This knowledge will come in handy it seems.

I had earwax removed. It took two grown men and a device called an alligator to extract a cornucopia from my ear.

Speaking of cornucopia (=worst segue ever) a hurricane is coming and it looks like it will be a bullseye over Louisiana. Landlocked Germany is under water and Sicily’s temperatures peaked at 120–that’s Fahrenheit but you were right to wonder.

Inflation is the highest it has been in 30 years. I can’t buy paint because it’s $96 per gallon and don’t even get me started on bacon.

In related news, the national debt has topped $28 trillion. That’s $28,000,000,000,000. Sometimes a zero is a lot.

And 13 members of the US military were killed this week. This as we declare the war is over. Back when we were still at war these heroes were alive and at peace. Who can figure.


Can you believe it’s September and I’m still swimming? Come on in, the water’s fine.

Thank you for reading. If you decide to comment please don’t make it political. This is about Steve.


    1. Yes yes you are right. It’s just that I’m more of a swimming pool gal and here we are in open waters. Love hearing from you and so appreciate your beautiful blog. Stay well.


  1. It’s worse than watching a slow car crash. It’s one thing on top of another, like the world is on the verge of implosion. If anyone needs me I’ll be hiding in my blanket fort with the cats. Send tea and French pastries.

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  2. Alison, you describe the watery dangers the US and the world face so well. I wish the humor helped change the situation(s), but with that sadly not possible you’ve at least done yourself proud with your writing. Take care. Stay safe.

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    1. So good to hear from you. It’s a struggle to find humor (my usual coping mechanism) these days. In the event that ignorance really is bliss, I’m taking the advice of so many of my blogger friends and turning off the TV for now.

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  3. Take a break. Turn off the news. Go to a beach or camping. Do something fun and don’t feel guilty about it. There are just too many things going on and you can’t carry the burden of them all. Take care of your little world and forget about the rest of the crap in the big world for a while. Really it helps.

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    1. I will stay in Paris with a possible trip to Normandy. But my mom’s family hails from Alsace so I’d love to spend some time there! Stay safe and well. See you on the other side of this!


  4. You’re not alone here. I can’t swim, so it makes it that much harder. I’ve had too many losses the past year and although I hoped this year would be better, it joined last year in the number of blows its inflicted. I don’t have time or energy for politics as it’s flawed and too human, so I’m leaving it to God, if He even cares anymore. Yes, I’ve become a cynic, sadly. It’s called burnout, I guess.

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    1. I feel pretty good about things except for Sunday through Saturday. It’s a crazy time for sure and I have lost a lot of friends this year too. I hope you can join me in staying afloat. Surely it will get much better soon. Good to hear from you and hang in there.

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  5. As rough a read as this is, it is still so good to see you reappearing here on WP. I believe writing helps against the PTSD the entire world is suffering from (though I am not sure the “P” part of that abbreviation is accurate) and Gallow’s Humor has personally gotten me through the past 8 months. Keep it coming Alison. I have missed you a lot.

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    1. Oh, K how I’ve missed you. I was just telling Hubs that I have PTSD. I still can’t figure out why your new posts don’t show up in my reader and it makes me sad. I need to catch up your life. I’m sorry the past year has been such a tough one for you, that much I’ve gleaned. Thank you for saying hi. You really are one of my favorite people even though we’ve only met here in blogosphere.


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