How do you say “Bait and Switch” in French?

Well, Saulnier apartment was snatched from us by the owner who has medical issues.  I think this might be common because I saw a posting from another renter with the same agency that had the “ol’ bait and switch” pulled on them as well.  So the agency offered us six other apartments from which to choose.  I just sent an email to them asking if we could book Charles.  The good news is that Charles is larger than Saulnier and has two bathrooms.  The bad news is that it is located in the 14th Arrondissement which is around Montparnasse.  I haven’t spent a lot of time in this arrondissement.  It is the location of the infamous catacombs!  It is definitely out of the touristy part of Paris.  The reviews on the apartment say it is a “nice walk to Luxembourg and Notre Dame”.  Nice here might mean “it is quite a hike”.  Oh, well.  Check out our potential new apartment.  It doesn’t look as Parisien as our cute little Saulnier.

I have updated my Chase credit card to the Premier card which has no foreign transaction fees.  Now I will go about trying to find a language school.

My mom wanted me and Joan to meet her French friend, Collette, which we did a couple of weeks ago.  Collette lives in Midwest City but was born and raised in a coastal city in western France.  She got to the U.S. because she married an American soldier.  She wants us to travel to Nantes while we are in France to meet and stay with her friend, Isabelle.  I have corresponded with Isabelle via email.  I sent her an email in my “bad” French and she responded in her imperfect English.  This should be fun!!!

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