Happy New Year! We’re on our way!

It is hard to imagine I will be in Paris in two weeks. Much has been done to get ready but more is undone. A force I do not know by name (the devil, I think), caused me to undertake a kitchen remodel at home. So, I will be leaving poor David with a big mess and no stove, oven or microwave. Items that used to be housed in our kitchen cabinets are strewn about the house.  A virtual war zone.  Really bad timing on my part.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time in the past week trying to figure out the iCloud.  Where is this Cloud?  How do you get it to release documents, contacts and photos that you don’t want it to have anymore?  Why does it discriminate against some of my calendar entries? Skype is another mystery still.  I hope to figure this all out soon so that I can communicate with David while I’m away.

Joan and Tom are leaving for France on the 13th of January.  David and I leave on the 14th.  We will arrive at Charles de Gaule airport the morning of the 15th where we are supposed to be greated by a taxi driver who will take us to our apartment.  I will be asked to sign a lease that is written in French!  Lord knows what I’ll be agreeing to since I’m sure my French is not good enough to be signing legally binding documents.

Joan and I have signed up for French class with Alliance de Francaise.  Their classrooms are located in the 6th Arrondissement, just one mile from our apartment.  We will start class on January 21.

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