I Love Paris in the Springtime

Ok. So it is technically springtime but you would never know by the weather conditions and the scowls on everyone’s faces. This was one of the coldest and snowiest winters in recent history for Paris. Yeah! We were here for that!
David arrived last week and we have had a busy week trying to close out my “List of Things to do in Paris”. Of course, we went to the Eiffel Tower:
We went for a boat ride (and rode past Notre Dame while its bells were sounding, very cool):
I took David to the top of Galleries Lafayette on our one sunny day and made him listen to my new French songs playlist. He knows some of the words to my favorite song, “Comme d’Habitude” (As Usual). It is the original song tune which Sinatra later used for “My Way”though the lyrics to the two songs are completely different:
We saw three churches: St. Augustin, St. Paul and St. Sulpice. All were amazing. Delacroix paintings at both St. Paul and St. Sulpice:
Visited the Rodin museum:
Had a fabulous wine and cheese pairing and tasting at Ô Chateau:
Went with Joan to the Arts et Metiers museum (showcasing industrial advances through the ages. Really interesting):
Went to the Roland Garros stadium to get a tour of the place where the French Open happens every year. We paid for a tour of the stadium and then went to the museum. My parents are HUGE tennis fans so I really enjoyed the tour because I know they would have enjoyed it. They have the tournament trophy in the museum and they were polishing it so we got to take a picture of it outside of its glass casing:
Tom arrived on Wednesday but we didn’t spend much time together. Joan wanted to show Tom her Paris while I had my list and we managed to do most everything on it.

I am at the airport getting ready to board in a few minutes with David. On the train ride to the airport it was fitting that a man boarded with us and started playing Comme d’Habitude on his accordion. We gave him our last Euros and bid au revoir to Paris.


  1. Just a thing : sinatra my way is the tune of comme d’habitude as comme d’habitude is the original song.
    If you like Claude Francois, maybe you like this one featuring … Jodie Foster


    1. You are absolutely correct! I should have clarified that the French song was the original. I do like Claude Francois. I also have Cette Année La on my play list–which he sang with the group Clo Clo–and I know that the American song “Oh what a night” copied this melody as well. Thanks for reading my blog and for providing the link to the video with Claude Francois and Jodie Foster. Very cute!


  2. Alison,

    You were here in the spring and we are here in the fall. Our weather is nice but it is sometimes cold. I am reminded of your Petri Dish post. Last year I got my flu shot in Paris, I bought the serum in the pharmacy and then had to track down a nurse to administer it. No problem, both I and the nurse arrived at her little office on our bikes. This year they have changed the system and want to sell you both the
    vaccine and a syringe so you can give yourself shot. No thanks, I’ll forgo that pleasure and hope for the best.
    In one of your posts you talked about your parents being tennis fans. We are going to end our trip by seeing the semi-finals of the BNP Paris Bas Masters tournament. We have splurged on tickets for the semi-finals hoping to see Nadal. If the stars really align we could see both Nadal and Federer. That would be the perfect end to a delightful trip.

    Au revoir,



    1. I love hearing from you! I miss it there so much. The tennis thing sounds terrific. Nadal and Federer are my mom and dad’s favorite players! Happy trails!

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