Paris in October

We are leaving for Paris tomorrow to stay for a month. This time just my honeylamb and I (we ARE from Oklahoma, yo).  Well…that’s not entirely true. We will have a returning cast of characters from our last go ’round…Marsha, Barb, and of course my Franophile sister Joan and her husband, Tom. A new Pierman sister will make an appearance, Rebekah, along with her new husband Larry. Helloooooo October!  Or should I say Bonjourrrr Octobre.

Looking forward to the Foire de Chatou!  One of the largest flea markets I have heard of in Europe.

Fashion week is going on so I should feel plumpier and frumpier than usual. Hey, maybe we will spot the Kardashians and boo them with a French accent?

There is a wine festival that sounds like it is full of debauchery and, thus, my kind of thing, taking place in Montmartre area.  We will be posting tips on how to do this the less stupid way once we flatten ye’ ole learning curve.

There will day trips for sure.  Normandy, Chenceneau, GIverny, and Chantilly.

Given that we are going to take six hours of cooking class and can, therefore, make the statement that we “were trained to cook in Paris” we will force our guests to enjoy the one meal we will learn to cook over and over again.

Naturally we will locate and become a nuisance to some lovely establishments in our neighborhood to buy wonderful $7 Bordeaux.  We already have a list as long as our arm for new restaurants to try from our Cordon Bleu Trained friend (thanks, Brittany!). And if there happens to be no Picard in our neighborhood, we will learn the fastest subway route to said location for a chocolate cookie…nightly.

We are staying in a different apartment this trip.  This one in an ancient building near the border of 7th and 14th Arrondissements. More beds, fewer baths.  Hmmm.  I may or may not have been drinking when I made that choice.

So, “mes amies”, please follow me again on the newest journey in the city where I once lived (in a former life).  And let’s have some fun with the French


  1. Alison – I didn’t know you were going to Chenonceaux. The chateau is interesting but the very best part of that place is the vegetable garden and boquet factory. We were there last year at this same time and it was amazing. I know it sounds cheesy but think about a hot air balloon ride there…


  2. Its so exciting. Let me know how the weather is. I am going to try to minimize my suitcase. You may get tired of my clothes. Its my hair that takes alot of space. We will try to pack in one since space is minimal in the apartment. See you in a few weeks.


    1. You pack as much as you will need. We will all just be using the same closet. It it beautufl today. I doubt that will last but I’m hopeful that you will get some fair weather days. I have a blow dryer and flat iron and some “make my hair not so curly” products if you need to make room in your suitcase of other things.


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