A Paris “Re” View, Things Anew and Culture, Too

Barb and Marsha left this morning. No more “Jarsha”. It is currently just me, David and Joan at the apartment but the new crew arrives tomorrow morning.

Last year when we were all together in Paris we did most of the essential Paris sight seeing and some of those things we repeated. But I think we found a few new and interesting places as well.


Some things never get old…a trip to Sacre Coeur (though the crowds were thick due to the wine fest), the Eiffel Tower (and our trip upward), and all the gardens including the Tullieries which were still in bloom.


We did discover some new eating and drinking establishments.

We ate at Relais à L’Entrecote not far from the Champs-Élysées.  We didn’t know until we were at the front of the long line that there were no menu choices (except dessert). As Marsha said, it was reminiscent of the old Saturday Night Live skit…”Cheeseburga, Cheeseburga, Cheeseburga, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pespi”.  You got steak and fries with gravy. The only choice was how you wanted your steak cooked and whether you wanted red or rosé wine (only one kind of each).  We got a second plate of everything without asking–you almost couldn’t stop them–served by a properly attired French waitress. The place was packed from the minute it opened and still had a line when we left.  Fun time.  Desserts were giant.

Our neighborhood has a number of restaurants and we ate at two of them, both on the Rue Cherche Midi.

We also discovered a new watering hole by happy accident.  We were headed to a bar called Experimental Cocktail Club on Rue Saint Saveur…twice..and twice it wasn’t yet opened so we landed a few doors down at Le P’Tit Bar for Happy Hour.  Drinks were reasonably priced (for a change).  The young proprietors are Thunder fans!  From the brasserie at Fontainebleau to the hamburger place on Saint-Saveur, the French have been notably pleasant.  We theorize it is the nice weather.


We visited the castle at Fontainebleau on a rainy Wednesday. It is the largest castle in France. After about room 36 of 1500 rooms, we all got a little bleary eyed. Barb declared “there shalt be no more museums this trip” but we did manage to coerce her into going to the Rodin Museum the next day (one of David’s favorites) since it can be seen in an hour or two.


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