Cheese Isn’t Orange and Other Myth Busters

Andrew and Mairi arrived this week. If you ever need a wake up call to remind you just how old you’ve gotten, just hang out with a couple of well-traveled 20-somethings. For those who don’t know, Andrew is my nephew, Joan’s son. He and his long time Brittish girlfriend, Mairi, have been literally traveling the world for the past seven years while working in the wet canyoning business. Never heard of it?  Nor have most. It is a very specialized field.  They’ve lived in New Zealand, Switzerland, Japan and are on their way to live in Bali. Here’s some of what they’ve taught us:

1.  Cheese isn’t supposed to be orange.  It is white or soft yellow. Never orange. Andrew said Velveeta isn’t cheese. I told him to shut up.

2. Andrew wears pumps.  Andrew bought pumps in Paris.  Pumps are tennis shoes, tennis shoes are trainers…ah! My head hurts.

3. You don’t need data roaming to have an interactive map while traveling.  Mind just blew.

4. You can climb Sacre Coeur by stair step and not by the funicular. Based on both of their smokin’ hot bodies, this is a good idea…but that’s so hard!

5. Italians have a version of champagne that is equally as good as the real deal. (We learned this firsthand). Nom, nom, nom…

6. Plastic water bottles can be smashed like an accordion. Always keep the lid else said bottle will not remain smashed.

7.  Not naming names but some people from some nations can not only not swim, they could die from drowning in knee-high water.

8.  The Japanese, hands down, have the best toilets.

We’ve had a wonderful time with the two of them. We went to the wine festival at Montmartre. Did a lot of eating and drinking. Visited the Nissim de Commando Museum and Parc Monceau.  Shopped along the Champs-Élysées. Watched Joan miss a train and Marsha get her arm caught in the door of the same train. Walked the grounds of the Louvre on a rainy Sunday. They prepared a cheese plate one night with several cheeses they hand selected. The next night we enjoyed a delicious risotto they made for us. Mairi joined “the girls” one day for a fashion show and shopping while David and Anrew rode bikes all over Paris. Tonight is their last night in Paris so we had a couple of drinks with them on Rue Saint Sauveur in the 2nd arrondissement (please go to this charming little street if you ever get to Paris). We ended the evening in French fashion with a very late dinner on Rue Cherche Midi in the 6th arrondissement–very close to our apartment and also close to Andrew and Mairi’s apartment.  They are just precious  we will miss their company

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