Yet More Piermans in Paris–Rebekah’s Visit

We might’ve almost killed Larry and Rebekah trying to make sure they saw everything on their list and ours combined. They flew home yesterday, along with Tom and Joan. David and I are trying to get used to the quiet (That’s a lie). Here are some highlights:

A Visit to The Louvre

A Visit to the Loo (that’s Larry running)

Running to the bathroom (Larry)
Running to the bathroom (Larry)

The Eiffel Tower

The Tuileries Gardens

The Luxembourg Gardens


A Walk Along the Seine and a Bateau Mouche

Pausing after five miles on foot
Pausing after five miles on foot

The Galleries Lafayette

Notre Dame (and Shakespeare and Company nearby)

The Champs-Elysées and L’Arc de Triomphe

Other Stuff. We did not get pictures of all we did. They went to The Rodin Museum with Tom. We all went to see a one-man show called How to Become a Parisian in One Hour (In English with a heavy French accent. Funny show with probably a majority of the audience being French–poking fun at all stereotypes. No nationality was safe!). We made it to Sacre Coeur. We did a little shopping but not much. The last day, Rebekah was sick and stayed in all day so Larry went to eat with Joan and Tom at a gluten free restaurant that Joan had discovered last trip.

Drinking and Dining! It was hard to keep all of our appetites synchronized. It did seem like we were eating a lot but sometimes only one of us (Larry) would be eating so the rest of us would have a libation–or two if it was Happy Hour!

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