Picasso and My Boys

Feb 6, Paris

Red wine and Ambien, you’re talkin’ shit again–John Mayer, Heartbreak Warfare lyrics

As previously established. I don’t sleep. I have a prescription for Lunesta (tried Ambien but had a Tiger Woods experience. But I digress). I brought ZzzQuil gel caps. I also take Melatonin almost every night. Still, sleep eludes me.

Two nights ago I’m lying in bed and I hear the distinct groans of a man in the throes of passion. Every night I hear someone dragging trash to the trash bin in our courtyard. It sounds like bottles. It’s always around 2am. Someone’s got a drinking habit they are concealing. These are “My Boys”. David is missing out on my whole Paris night scene. He’s a sleeper. They say opposites attract.

Yesterday we had planned to go to the Georges Pompidou center but…image

So we had lunch and walked all over this town. Spent some time at the Grand Palais going through the Picasso Mania exhibit. So good. Especially Rineke Dijkstra’s “I See a Woman Crying” video. Oh, my God. I’m obsessed. That little boy on the right!!

Today, shopping for pants and shoes for David. Armani, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel? Nope. Straight to the Dockers store.image

But I did talk him into shoes that were neither brown nor terribly practical so that’s progress.

Tonight I’m hoping hoping a full belly and some fabulous wine will lull this gal to sleep later. Else it will be me and My Boys again tonight.

A plus tard!


  1. You truly have a way with words my little sister. I love reading your posts. I too do not sleep but Leon will tell you otherwise because I snore. How can I snore when I am totally aware of what’s going on around me. I had to laugh when I told my doctor he said he is awake and his wife tells him he is snoring It’s a mystery for sure.

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    1. We Pierman’s might bob off for a minute or two and the Husbands are often there to “catch” us, right? I can pretty much tell him what happens through every night. But when he has a hard night….watch out! It’s Katie Bar the Door!!


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