Our Apartment [Subtitled: Our New Friend]

Ugly Naked Guy bought a Thighmaster–Chandler, from the cast of Friends

If you’re keeping up with the cast of characters in our apartment building there’s Madame Kravitz, Lover Boy, Bottle Man and now there’s this guy:

From our bathroom I see into his kitchen window so I can basically pee and have a conversation with him–if I wanted to, which right now I do not. Today he shows up in his window… naked! Thank goodness his kitchen counter concealed his boy parts.

Not OK, Ugly Naked Guy. Not OK.

Our apartment is situated on Rue Rambuteau which is the street that divides the 3rd and 4th Arrondissements. The street was constructed in 1838 by order of Louis Philippe I and was the first wide boulevard in Paris, even before the Haussmann era of the Grands Boulevards. And that, Readers, is how you work in #History. (Yawn, now stretch).

So I’d say our building is about 200 years old and, best I can tell, the wood floors in our apartment are original. Seriously, the floor moves like a funhouse.

This is a video of our humble abode. I was unable to catch Ugly Naked Guy in his window today.

I am so hoping he doesn’t get a Thighmaster. Ew.

À plus tard!


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