Oh, Sh*t! Is that Brie?

I have three sisters whose birthdays fall on August 9, 10, and 11 (quick math would suggest Mom and Dad had supery dupery Merry Christmases back then). Anyway, I found a birthday card and gave it to all of my August-born sisters:

Birthday card to my sisters
Birthday card to my sisters
A sense of humor is apparently genetic because all of us thought this was hysterically funny, Come on! That mouse! He’s all resolute and then he sees the Brie. And I’m thinking, everybody has their own Brie. Like me. I don’t need a thing, have vowed to be less spendy then, Kapow! Oh, shit, is that a bargain piece of damaged furniture? Just like the mouse I have to do a Risk versus Reward calculation. Most times, I take the “Brie”. Consequences be damned.

So, in August all seven of the Pierman Sisters are on a trip in Breckenridge, Colorado, and we’re having fun with the concept that everyone has a Brie. Dorothy: Oh, shit, are those purses on sale? Judy and Rebekah: Oh, shit, is that an awesome hike to the top of a mountain while a storm is moving in?

And then we got the call that Dad was in the hospital having had a stroke. Oh, shit.

On that day, we were split up into two groups. A group of five in Aspen and a group of two in Breckenridge. The “Aspens” said, “I guess we go back to Breckenridge and then head home to Oklahoma”. The “Brecks” said, ” We’ll be waiting for you”.


From Oklahoma, Mom told The Aspens, “Don’t come home, enjoy your birthday, Dorothy”. So we forgot about The Brecks because there was a gondola to the top of Aspen mountain where we could get panoramic views of the town, drink wine on an outdoor terrace, meet a dog named Jax and buy some Chapstick. Clearly we had to go. It was a gondola for the love of Pete.

The Aspens got in trouble by The Brecks. SERIOUS trouble. The Pierman sisters had a fight and not the civilized verbal discord you might imagine. None of this psychobabble, “When you do this, I feel…”

There were fists-a-slinging. We’ve never fought like that. I mean sure, we fought as kids. Dorothy and I fought so hard so long one day when we were kids that I had to ask for a bio break (Read: had to pee) then came back and picked up the fight like a boxing bell had rung. But then we were only 13 and 14. Today we are all in our 50s and 60s. Freaking Brie.

So, I doodled this. It’s probably “too soon” for some but I mean…my blog, my rules.

Doodle of The Aspen group
Doodle of The Aspen group
I love my sisters so much. We’ve reconciled and are stronger than ever. We might suck at denying Brie but, by God, we are handy in a crisis. We’ve once again rallied around my dad and he’s getting better.

Stay tuned because we will be morphing from Pierman Paris to Pierman Positano in just a few days. I, Dorothy, Rebekah and Marsha and a couple of our husbands are heading to “Itly“, to hang out with “Itlians“.

And when we land, Imma gonna make a bee-line to the grocery store and buy us some Parmesan cheese. Time for a new chapter. 

Meantime, here’s The Aspens right before we got into trouble…



    1. Aren’t you the sweetest? I love your posts as well. I’m intrigued about your recent post about faking it till you make it. I must now go back through your old posts and untangle the story. Thanks for following me. I look forward to seeing you in my reader as well!

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      1. I’ll answer you now as best as I can and as concisely as I can. My Life is very challenging at times. That said I have taught myself to choose happiness even at times I could be wearing my chin on my shoes. I attempt to see beauty versus ugly and continue to do so until the beauty becomes my reality. What you focus on becomes your reality. That’s not to say I don’t ball like a baby when I hurt. I do. But I don’t stay in that space for long even when my heart is sad. That may sound phony to you, but from my experience the longer you allow the gloomies to take precedence over your life, they will consume you. I walk a tough road at times and if I had not taught myself what I share on my blog, I’d be a mess. That’s about it in a nutshell. ❤

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  1. So you are not only a great writer, but an artist as well! Have a great time in Itly, and looking forward to the stories when you return. Glad to hear your dad is doing better.

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    1. I’m glad you got my Itly reference. My mom thought I didn’t know how to spell it! I’m a proud doodler–not an artist. Miss you. See you in a few weeks.


  2. Hey bff, I just love your posts and am happy to hear you are off to Itly so that more might be coming my way. Glad to hear your dad is getting better too.
    But now to what you write. I’m confused. For me the gondola is not the brie, it’s the trap. The brie is actually the schnapps in the cozy mountain lodge at the top. So I steel myself and step into the trap . . .
    Strangely enough, I am always really cool about the gondola ride on the way back down.

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    1. Hmmm. Now you’ve got me thinking and that’s always scary. So the Brie is the mouse’s temptation and the gondola was our temptation. But also, the fun at the top was tempting as well. Looks like maybe the gondola/fun at the top was the proverbial “better mousetrap”? In any case, we got caught. Miss you and our discussions! Yes, will be posting from Itly but first we have to get off the ground. On the plane, on the tarmac, sitting for two hours now. Sigh.

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