I Took the Body There–and Other Useful Italian Phrases

We are in Italy! 

Yesterday we got to the airport “Ralph early”. This is an actual time reference for Piermans. It means roughly “are you kidding me right now, it’s still dark outside!!”. But since our plane was late out of OKC I had a lot of extra time to study some Italian.

The first time we went to Italy, we knew not a single word of Italian and felt like this:

To avoid this awkwardness we’ve been trying to teach ourselves Italian. I downloaded an Italian language app on my phone and I’ve been practicing a couple of hours a day for the past month or so. I can’t wait to use some of the useful phrases I have learned (these are real, by the way):

Does it scare anyone that I scored 100% on these little jewels?  OK, since we’re Piermans, those phrases could very well come in handy. 

And I’ve already used the one about losing consciousness. Jet lag is hard y’all!

À la prossima!


  1. Hi, Alison!

    Thanks for liking my recent blog post! I enjoyed reading about these handy phrases. I guess it just makes sense to have “taken the body there” since Italian is just one of the languages descended from the same Mother Tongue that gave us “habeas corpus” = “deliver the body”!

    All best wishes for your continuing blogging growth and success,

    Jay Pochapin

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