Ice Club, Rome

Rebekah had heard about a place called The Ice Club and so we spent the better part of our evening in Rome either feeding Larry or trying to walk to the Ice Club. We finally took two taxis there and still had to walk a little ways farther. It is a hole in the wall on an obscure street. When we got there around 6:00pm a little note was tacked on the door that said they would open at 6:00pm (their website had said 5:00pm). Shouldn’t have been a big deal ‘cept we had to pee. Like bad. Like, “where’s a back alley?” bad.

An American mother and her two sons were already in line to get in when we arrived. They were in Rome because it was on mom’s Bucket List and the sons had taken her to Rome for the week. By the time the Ice Club doors opened, we Piermans jammed our way into the club because, pee.

We didn’t realize that they only let a certain few people at a time in and turned around to find our new friends had not made the cut. We felt horrible and tried to trade places with them but they were gracious and let us go in.

It was cold.

It was so cold.

Our friends got in, Ryan, Darren and Carmel. We had the best time with them!

The Ice Club is, well, ice. Even the drink cups were ice. Dorothy’s drink cup melted because, her words here, she is sizzling hot.image

We didn’t stay long because it was, I don’t know, freaking cold. But we stayed long enough that I did some stuff I’m not proud of.image.jpeg


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