The Pope might be Married or Maybe It’s Jetlag

I asked everyone how they felt when they got off the plane today. Everyone reported they felt good, alert, jet lag didn’t seem to be a problem at all. 


But here’s the thing, at lunch our conversation got so contorted that Marsha heard that the Pope got married and Rebekah heard that Mom’s poem was in the Witness Protection Program (yes, I do mean a piece of paper with words on it) while Dorothy and I willingly ordered and ate pigs cheeks. 

I never want to call a person a liar (especially to their face 😬) but this is a big fat pack of liars. They are jet lagged FOR SURE. 

Rome has survived Nero, Caligula, the bloody chariot races and any number of other atrocities. But Rome has not met tired Piermans. It is 6pm local time and we are all tucked away in our hotel rooms. It’s just safer this way.   

Tomorrow we will visit the Vatican and if we see Pope Francis, I’m going to congratulate him on his nuptuals.  

Here are photos from our first day:


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