My Mom’s Tiny Twisted Heart

‘Twas the night before leaving our Paris home
My head was swimming with thoughts of my mom
We would arrive home on Sunday but by Monday A.M.
We would be taking my mom for a heart ablation

Our flight from Paris went without hitch
It was American Airlines who threw the first pitch
“We can’t fly you to Oklahoma tonight” they mused,
All flights have been cancelled and you’ve just been screwed”

“We must get there by midnight”, we warned,
“My mom’s having surgery first thing in the morn’.”
So we rented a Camry and set on our way
All jet lagged and groggy and feeling the pain.

Sleep would elude us; Monday morning was hurried
When mom got to the hospital, we were so worried
Gathered in pre-op the surgeon told us in part,
The surgery was easy (unless he punctured her heart)

Two hours we waited but finally word came
Mom’s surgery went well but something was strange
“Her heart was twisted and small”, said the surgeon,
“It was quite difficult to repair her imperfection.”

A small twisted heart, I rolled on my tongue
This I can work with, my blog post is done!
This woman who’s religion doesn’t celebrate Christmas
Has a heart like the Grinch, all tiny and twisted!

We are but Piermans and as is our way
Your problems, our folly; your troubles, our play
We rushed to her bedside and let loose a guffaw,
“Your heart’s like the Grinch’s, two sizes too small!”

We grew up in Who-ville each Christmas season
Our Jehovah’s Witness mom was the reason
“See the wonder of Christmas, Grinch-Mom, just try
And your heart will grow three times in size!”

We laughed and we laughed at her twisted small organ
Her mind is unchanged, that’s a foregone conclusion
We’ll keep living in Who-ville, no Christmas with Mom
But her small heart is healthy and now she’s back home.

This Cindy Lou Who went to bed that night
And slept like a baby all comfy and tight
‘Cause my Grinch-Mom’s heart was made much better
And the Who’s down in Who-ville are all back together


  1. Very funny, Alison. I suppose nobody likes to be told they’ve got a small, twisted heart, but I am glad your mum is much better now and that you can see the funny side of things and have a laugh. I hope she will recover very quickly and that you’ll be able to celebrate many family gatherings together, Christmas or otherwise. Big hug to all.

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  2. I enjoy your writings. I am sorry to hear of your Mother having health problems but glad they are being resolved. I woould love to see both of you again. I relish the memory of your visit.

    Liked by 1 person

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