Broke down just short of paradise…

This man’s description of what it feels like to be struggling to stay sober just touched my soul. He writes so beautifully about such a painful existence. Bravo, sir. Stay strong.

The Struggle is R e a l

20170429_102241Good morning. Or is it? Are they ever really good from the jump or is it all just an illusion, smoke and mirrors? More lies and deception  than any one honest good man should have to bear. It feels as if the sun will never rise again. I just wanna go to sleep and not ever dream again. Because they always fall short of reality. Nothing is ever as it seems. Nothing is pure anymore, my heart is broken, ripped, and torn. Turning cold and barely beating, it’s end it will soon be meeting. “Pray”, I hear someone say from the other side of the universe, but I can’t bear to even do that for my God is a giving god, but only in opportunities  not what i pray for. And one more opportunity will for sure have my face to the floor. So I sit and breathe. Heart blackened…

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