Rapture by Roadtrip: The Final Saga of Desert Survival

The trilogy of Devil Dog and Tippi and their First World struggle to survive a desert heatwave ends here. Will it be triumph or tragedy?

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Heatwave Apocalypse-Day 5
The heat wave has subsided a little and it will only reach 110 today. Devil has not been getting enough exercise so he’s showing a little tummy pooch grown into a blubbering mass of flesh and fur.

I can’t bare to see him like this. I grab his water bottle and drive him in the golf cart to the community pool. We don’t even care if anyone sees us. We are desperate soldiers willing to take perilous risks. Six ball tosses into the pool is all Devil can handle now that he’s fat. imageWe head home and carve the heralded crossbar on our wall. “Five days, Devil! We made it!” Devil tries to bark in affirmation but pukes up pool water instead.

The Husband returns tonight so I am cleaning up the house and packing while Devil is putting his red ball in my path to try to kill me. We’ve decided we want to drive to our family cabin in the mountain of New Mexico tomorrow where we don’t need air conditioning. It is a ten hour drive and awfully hard on my back but any survivalist knows, you gather strength when you need it. I tell Devil, “It is like we are being raptured! Sayonara, suckers!” Devil jumps up and down wagging his nubby tail like he understands me and I can’t help but wonder–where did Devil learn Japanese? When The Husband gets home, Devil outright lies and claims he has been a good good boy.

Post-Apocalypse-Day 6
When Devil sees we’ve packed his red ball, his toy box, two tennis balls, his box of milk bones, his indoor bed, his outdoor bed, his water bottle, his food dish and his hiking gear, he bounds into the car and kisses me on the nose. Devil doesn’t know about this rapture of which I speak but he knows a good good road-trip we he sees one.

Sayonara, suckers! Devil and Tippi have left the building. In ten hours, Jersey and Alison will be in the mountains!


  1. I am so happy that you’ve lived through the hotocalypse. I was worried back on day one that you weren’t going to make it to day 3. (But I must say when I saw the resemblance with Tippi I felt certain that you could make it through just about anything.) Now I can rest easier knowing you’ll be in mountain comfort. But I have a question please. Just what kind of hiking gear does a once lithe now blubbering mass of a devil dog have?

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    1. Ha! He has his own water bowl thy collapses and a special harness that won’t choke him. Very high maintenance, that one! Thank you so much for following my silly antics!

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  2. Hope you had a good trip and are feeling a bit cooler now. By the way, for future reference, when we travel with Beano and it’s too hot to walk him in the day, we walk him first thing in the morning and last thing at night, as least that way he gets some exercise. A cold shower is also beneficial and we do this in campsites or with just a watering can or hose. Glad Devil went swimming, though!

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    1. We walk early but the asphalt stays hot until well after dark when the temps are this high so he goes from exercising 3 times a day to only once. I love him but his breed requires a bunch of exercise. Without it he becomes very mischievous. He’s so laid back in the mountains because he runs free here. Gone for hours sometimes just out hunting and digging!


  3. We mountainlanders welcome you home. I, myself, am off to Flatland and – if previous summers are anything to go by – that means 90 degrees and 90% humidity. It’s like spending 24, 48, 72 … hours straight in the steam bath. Survivalist Rule #1 – never venture more than 10 feet away from a fan. #2 – Lots of ice in the Gin and Tonics. #3 – Embrace the Siesta. It is going to be hell, but I think we will make it.

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    1. Hmmm. My drink of choice is also gin and tonic. I am almost certain we grew up in the same household. Be strong in the heat and remember the advice you gave to me! Bahahaha!

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