I Have Never Had a Bumper Sticker. I Bare No Tatoos.

This is not a rant. This is an anti-rant. This is a rant against rants.

I have never had a bumper sticker. I bare no tattoos. My friends and family–who are gay, straight and all races–cover the political spectrum and all mainstream religions. I don’t march because

What ever happened to

Don’t get me wrong. I have opinions and persuasions but only those in my Circle of Trust have to hear about it. I get my world news from sources other than social media and I DON’T CARE WHO OR WHAT YOU HATE. It’s time to clean house. Henceforth, all posts in my Reader will fall into these categories:

Fabulous Favs ❤️👍😂
1. alive and thriving cats, dogs, goats, bunnies and horses, oh, and sloths of course.
2. family (including aforementioned animals)
3. fat babies,
4. vacations/travel,
5. tributes to aged persons,
6. beautiful or intriguing photos,
7. poetry and literature,
8. your likes/comments on my own fascinating posts,
9. new gadgets and inventions I need (I’m talking to you, updated Fanny Pack),
10. funny stuff (oh, you’ll know)

Fanatically Forbidden 😡🗑
1. political/anti-religious rants
2. bigotry
3. work-out videos (that’s just hateful)

In summary, I’m old. Life is too short for vitriolic whiners. If you don’t like something, try changing it with construct or with your vote next cycle. If you hate [FILL IN THE BLANK] and you want to force your cyber-friends to hear you rage about it, I will simply being seeing less of you and more of this.


    1. Thank you! I loved the post you did (I think a repost) about the battle and attack of the LST-472. My dad was on LST-471. I wish we could put together his story. His boat was also hit. Always grateful to you for keeping our south seas Navy stories alive.

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  1. Just so you know, your posts ALWAYS leave me feeling better about the world, even the sad, sad ones about your dad, because what shines through is how very much you loved him. Usually they make me laugh as hard as I have that day.

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  2. This may sound horrible, but I can’t look at those humongous babies. They freak me out! Otherwise, I had to drop a friend from social media because it was all political ranting and repostings of half-baked news articles from shady hateful “journalists”. Like you said, “I’m old. Life’s too short.” Also, I’ve never had a bumper sticker on any car in my life. My parents taught me that. They made me put my citizenship sticker from the school on my bedroom door. It sat on that door for a decade before I went through the pain in the ass task of peeling it off. My kids know what’s up. Family traditions.

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  3. I sooo agree. I began cleaning house several months ago. From time to time, you just have to. I never did like bullies and cyber bullies are just as bad. Ditto on all the above, except the baby. LOL

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  4. Quite right! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but sometimes it is the way it is worded and there is no place for insults or indignation. The last thing I had a very strong opinion about was against Brexit, because it is a major thing and it affects me directly, with my family living in Spain, my in-laws in France and my son staying in the UK while DH and I retire in Europe. It saddened me deeply that the UK has decided to leave the EU and I voiced it on social media, but I was respectful, many weren’t. Nobody likes a troll!!!

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  5. Oh, I so agree! (Except for those big newborns…they freak me out.) But I am so tired of people who post endlessly about who they hate for either political or religious reasons…I don’t care!!! If you want to impress me, post about how you love your enemies. Otherwise, please do us all a favor and be quiet! Thanks for this post, it was refreshing, to say the least.

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  6. Thanks, Alison! I needed a reminder today of how to age gracefully and enjoy the best life possible! You are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you differently!!

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  7. This one tripped me up a bit.I find myself wondering what set you off. Maybe because I have been known to go on an occasional rant and you have always been okay with it. In fact, your responses to my political stuff have helped me to learn better.

    I understand completely that people reject the political today seeing how low the common discourse has sunk. How convoluted everything has become. How we are now debating what is real and what is not. At the same time, I see no other recourse than political activism to make this all stop and to reverse course, to keep the moral arc bending towards justice.

    You (and my deceased stepfather) are my two favorite (maybe former) Republicans in this world. I want to keep exchanging world views with you.Please don’t restrict yourself to the lists – except for the work-out videos. I’m fine with banning those.

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    1. Your rants are always constructive which I fully accept and invite. It’s the ones that show Putin taking Trump from behind I can’t tolerate. And mostly it was Facebook posts from people who don’t take a breath and find something, anything good to talk about. I really do wish activism hadn’t taken a turn for the nasty. There are people on both sides that just have soured the marches for me. I guess I want rules from the 6th grade to be applied: We can disagree but we can’t be mean about it. Anyway, you know I can’t stand Trump so you and I agree on that matter. What I really oppose is when a Democratic or a Republican lumps everyone from the other party in a pile and calls them all names. Not all Democrats are Snowflakes and not all Republicans want to rape the Earth. You be you and I will always follow. The thing is, I almost always agree with you so we really aren’t so far apart on the things I hold most dear. Thanks for the reflective comment! I wish you could run for office!


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