Give This Okie Some Severe Weather, Please

No self-respecting Okie will ever get invested in a TV show because we all know it will be preempted by weather. Our weathermen/women are on air like Jerry Lewis in a telethon only they never ever leave the air. One of our local weather guys becomes giddy when the weather turns sour. He gets so close to the camera that you can see the lipstick on his sadistic smirk. Another wears sparkly ties when he believes he’s going to be on air all night. One recently-retired longtime local weatherman, Gary England, had a drinking game inspired by him. (I kid you not, you must Google it now, I will wait…). Here is an excerpt of the Rules.

Gary was appropriately named The Weather God of Oklahoma by the New York Times and even had a cameo appearance in that awful movie, Twister, years ago. When he retired, people took a bereavement day from work and, statewide, hundreds of alcoholics got sober.

I reside now mainly in Arizona, a place so devoid of any weather phenomenon that you can’t even imagine how cheap our home insurance is. There are no tornado or earthquakes here. Yawn. I believe all Arizona weather people phone it in and they don’t even live here. “Today it will be sunny and hot”. Um. Duh. Two months a year they talk of rain from the monsoons but it rarely happens. Like the well-programmed Okies we are, during monsoon season we stack our outdoor cushions against the windows about twice a week, believing the weather forecasters when they say we should expect a downpour, but mostly it is a drill. Of course we do have the occasional haboob which requires the local weathermen to fly back from their second homes in San Diego and do a live shot. Ooh. Live shot. Literally, outside of a haboob and the occasional heat warning, the Arizona weather person’s job is completely, utterly, and shamefully useless. Are you even meteorologists you little pukes?

Today, whilst exercising my two boos on the golf course (The Husband and the dog) I saw this!

I believe it was a rain cloud masquerading as a tornado funnel cloud. Of course, there was no flight back from San Diego so late in the day so we got the usual looped “Hot today with a 30 percent chance of rain” on tonight’s weather.

Where’s the sadistic slug with his creepy lipstick? Where’s the guy with the sparkly tie? How am I watching Jeopardy right now in prime time when there’s a funnel in the sky?

It is decided then. I am watching Twister on Hulu and playing the Scary Gary drinking game. Better pull in those outdoor cushions though. #Homesick.


  1. Great pictures of the funnel. My first thought though was why is she standing there taking pictures? Run for home! Then I remembered you just said you we Oklahoma.
    We have one of those severe weather guys. If they ever make up a game for him thing it will be darts with his picture as the board. Annoying as all get out. Everything to him is “severe.” Last spring we even had a “severely bright afternoon.”

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    1. A severely bright afternoon? Did your family make it out alive?🀣 I must admit I throw things at the TV in Oklahoma and beg them to get off air so I can see sho wins Dancing With the Stars but I’ve surely been conditioned for it after 45 years of being Okie.

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  2. The Gary England drinking game came up at a party a few weeks ago. When googled, the Mike Morgan Drinking Game also showed up under The Lost Ogle website. Sparkly tie required to be Mike Morgan and even more entertaining as it involves all of the big 3 networks weathermen. This summer all evening weather reporting has crept into July because of a few rainstorms. Damn them!

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    1. My original post before editing included mention of at least one of our Oklahoma weathermen getting sexually aroused during bad weather. But, as usual, I decided to dial it back a notch and keep it PG. I always know (believe?) you would appreciate my rough drafts! 😜

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  3. It is also nice if I am away from the TV, and know the DVR will record my show so I don’t have to miss it. Click on the DVR show, and their they are, the weatherman, on all shows for that day and time. A bit frustrating.

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  4. I thought this post was about to get more interesting than it already was when you said you were “exercising your two boos on the golf course.” Unfortunately, what I first thought might be a typo turned out to be “The Husband and the dog” instead of a word missing a letter. But just to show you that I not the kind of guy who would exploit a big disappointment, I’m not going to report this matter to The Lost Ogle website mentioned by previous commenter Jan. 😦 πŸ™‚

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  5. My goodness, I’m a weather wimp haha! Here in Los Angeles we’re lucky for changes β€” we love rain especially β€” but the way people here complain about it being too hot when its 80 degrees vs 78, we’d keel over if we got one of those! Haha

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