Amsterdam—The Universe Beckons

We have decided to rename our dog The Universe. This after we heard someone dribble on about how the universe told her to go to Amsterdam. It is just a hunch but perhaps the weed told her to go to Amsterdam.

Think of it! A dog named The Universe. “I wonder what The Universe is telling me?” Or “No matter where I go, The Universe is with me.” My personal favorite, “I start every morning listening and obeying the commands of The Universe”.

No. We haven’t even partaken in the weed. The Husband has an adorable, if strictly ornamental, nose since it neither breathes nor smells. I’ve been bowled over by the various waftings of weed but he remains oblivious.

Our hotel valet told us that the buildings along the canal are crooked because that allows the rain water to properly fall away from the buildings. LIES! Except Joan looked it up on this thing called the internet and it seemed to confirm this. I remain highly skeptical.

Speaking of the hotel, The Oshels paid for hotel perks such as early checkin and a room upgrade and got none of this. The Humphreys received all of the above and did not pay. The one free thing we actually received was breakfast where The Husband almost got us all kicked out because he fetched his own coffee. Free or not, it is a beautiful hotel—The Pulitzer—comprised of 25 canal houses in a great central location with impeccable service.

‘Tis raining in Amsterdam this morning and appears to be in the forecast all week. The Universe requires us to walk daily in rain or shine so we are undeterred and, in fact, are off in a few minutes to take a canal boat ride and learn why the buildings really lean. If they say rain drain off, someone’s going overboard.


  1. Welcome to my old home, I lived in Amsterdam for 10 years and it rained for almost 9!!!
    Have fun! There are lots of hidden treasures like the hidden church near the red light district which looks like a normal house outside but hides a church within!
    I believe the canal houses lean as they are built on stilts which go lower into the go round than the houses are high used as foundations as it’s all reclaimed wet land so therefore they can lean. Had chair with wheels in my office and rolled down the office on an hourly basis!
    Anne frank house of course is a must but pre book to avoid queues- you are just up the road from it, the American pancake bakery is great for
    Breakfast pancakes when far from home, wine and nibbles at Bubbles and Wine on the Nes which has a few lovely
    Restaurants. You have to go to Wynand Fockink at Pijlsteeg 31 for their selection of genevers- Dutch speciality drink like flavored gin!!
    Enjoy 🤗🤗

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    1. Oh, Damien! Where have you been? I’m now on a boat heading out tomorrow. It is a fabulous city and truly, truly, the people are amazing. I want to come back so I will keep your notes for next trip. We managed to get tickets for Anne Frank and it was astounding. So grateful that we got the tickets and humbled to see all they and others like her endured. The crooked buildings I could stare at all day. Just sublime.

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      1. I call it the flatland of Hookers and hash and hanging buildings! I thought I’d live there for two years and it ended up being 10, it’s such an easy place to get around and so relaxed. Left just over 3 years ago. Enjoy your last night

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    1. Another trip now for sure will be necessary. I saw the bag museum today while on a canal boat and thought, “What?” But if you say so I will pop in next trip. You have lived in some wonderful places, have you not?

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      1. If only you could pen your thoughts in a poem? I understand those sentiments. We are selling our actual home now and don’t know which house we will try to make our new home. Feels very “rootless” if that’s a word.

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  2. Some people are so full of it, aren’t they? The Universe talking indeed! My dog talks to me in many different ways without uttering a single word, but it all makes perfect sense, even now as I am trying to type on my mobile, he is trying to catch my attention by nibbling my hand!
    Hope you enjoy your canal trip and finally discover the truth about leaning houses. We are coming to Holland at the end of the month. Enjoy your trip and wet dog walks.
    And now, Beano (my Universe) is still looking at me… Wait! Now he wants a belly rub!

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    1. The Universe is looking at me! Love it. The houses if tilting forward were built that way on purpose. The ones tilting sideways have shifted in the silt. No mention of rain shedding, no surprisingly! Good to hear from you!

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  3. I know you say you haven’t tried the Weed, but the more I read of this post, the more I wondered if you weren’t fibbing just a little there . . . naming a dog “the Universe”? letting the universe tell you what to do (which is like the worst peer pressure ever)? leaning buildings? It is all very mysterious.
    But more mysterious is that I started catching up on your blog – I was just done with post two of four – when your sweet, unrelated message came through like some kind of cosmic connection . . . Thanks for that. I miss you too when you are away!

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    1. Could this be the result of second-hand smoke do you think? I’m going with sleep deprivation. I’ve been able to explain a lot of bad behavior this way and people buy it. And I really do miss you. Of all the people I “know” through blogging, you’re my favorite.

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