In Search of a Hidey Hole in Amsterdam (Not That Kind of Hidey Hole, Weirdo)

I’m an introvert. Those who truly know me (and I can count their numbers on the fingers of a saw miller) know that I can sing and dance with the best of them but then I have to have a hole to crawl into. I know sympathy from you won’t come easy but, listen. I have no hole on this ship.

Our river barge is named the Monarch Empress. This week’s crew numbers 35 and its passengers number 135. There are 3 decks of cabins and a “sun”deck (as if). It is really nice. The cabins are roomy, the shower large, and the storage place plentiful.D7FD61FD-2020-4A68-99C0-8C644F539171.jpeg

Still. No hole.

I haven’t slept this trip. Hello, darkness my old friend. I was doing so well at home with Dr. Shawn’s regiment but eating before 6 and having no stimuli two hours before bed is not an option. I’m back on Lunesta for the time being. I’ve just started reading the Tiger Woods biography. Can’t wait to get to the part where he goes wacky on Ambien (like me on Lunesta, without the odd sexual behavior. I’ve been told).

Yesterday we did a canal boat tour and a bus tour of Amsterdam and the highlight was that Joan and I both slept on the bus. Joan’s not getting much sleep either and Tommy has the mother of all coughs. We’re a pretty banged up crew but for The Husband. His body does what bodies are supposed to do no matter the time zone. “Teach me how to sleep and poop in Amsterdam!” I beg. He just looks at me with doe eyes. Straight pity but no help.

We saw a windmill on the bus tour. It is one of only 1,100 that remain in the Nederlands today. Or that’s what I thought I heard while sleeping.

We went back to town on our own in order to visit the Bag and Purse Museum. I know. Sounds ridiculous but the burly sea captain of our canal cruise said “Do it” and our bus tour guide said “Do it” and my friend, Damien, said “Do it. So we did it. It was pretty interesting. Imma go back to buy a purse when we come back through.

Peacock Purse
Someone in my family owned this purse and I won’t sleep till I find out who.
Leopard Purse
I know what your are going to ask. The answer is “yes”.

Last night we left Amsterdam and traveled God knows where to God knows what. I can’t get Google Earth. We are somewhere between Amsterdam and Belgium in a town called Nijmegen. The others are currently off the barge taking a walking tour of this town which was hard hit during WWII. I will have The Husband tour me again later without aid of that stupid little listening device and the guide flag (though he might want to carry the guide flag, that’s just his speed).

I now have the whole barge as my hidey hole and hope to be fully charged for the afternoon trip to a museum whose name sounds like Roly Poly. Turns out Dutch is not my thing.

Here in my hidey hole, I opened the cabin windows to take in the beautiful sites of Nijmegen and was met with this. A wall of metal, presumably a dock? I’m in total isolation down here.58F93EE5-0043-40D5-912C-E396C0B69333

Careful what you pray for.


  1. I love your Dutch!!! Roly poly! Its what they all say all the time of course! And you found the bag museum too! Everything of course is on a small scale in the flatlands of hookers and hash! Hope sleeps finds you soon and the darkness releases you, Nijmegen might not help!

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    1. Turns out what I heard was Kröller-Möller (Roly Poly?) and it was wonderful! Still no sleep but who was it that said, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead?” I might be dead soon at this rate. Chugging along now to Antwerp. Advance notice on things to do in Antwerp from you is now expected! Loved the bag museum. You were so right.

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      1. I love the Kroller Muller/ it’s so amazing to grab a bike and cycle through the whole place! Awesome! And the art
        inside too! I’m sure I remember seeing a Seurat and Van Gogh while there!!
        Oh god; pressure, my favorite meal in Antwerp was at Bourla, next to the theatre of the same name. It is a city renowned for its fashion, most famously the Antwerp six including the designers Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten and Walter Van Beirendonck so there is a great deal of style available here at least in the stores if not alway in the people! And the old train station is quite beautiful. There is also a great market (maybe vridagmarkt which may mean its only open in Fridays) of antiques and Animal parts- I have a great pair of goat horns looking at me right now from Antwerp. This market is next or near the Zuiderterras a beautiful Black and white building on the rivers edge built well over a century ago, if not more, which houses a great restaurant for lunch or dinner. Oh and be ready, Dutch and Flemish or Vlaams sounds very much the same! Happy travels 🤗

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      2. We loved Kröller-Müller and it was sunny so the statue garden was where we spent our time. I was told the museum has the world’s 2nd largest collection of Van Gogh in the world. He’s not my favorite but I liked seeing his art progress and his style change over the decade that he painted. We are docked in Antwerp now. It looks like a modern city and we are eager for our tour at 9:30 this morning. I hope for some free time to explore your tips!

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  2. I’ve heard of people getting their pay docked, but to get your view docked is an even bigger affront. No doubt, that cured you of praying, but if not, please don’t include me in your future prayers! 🙂

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    1. Oh, would I be drunk with power if I could pray that way! We had a wee bit of sunshine today so I stayed on deck today so the wall of shame was not so foreboding after all. By the way, I’m praying for you. 😜

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  3. That looks very cosy! I’d love to go on a cruise, but DH won’t have it. Might have to go on my own some day!
    Sorry to hear your insomnia has returned, but hopefully it is only temporary due to excitement of the trip, jetlag, etc. Relax and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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    1. Thank you, Fatima. I’ve resolved to sleep medicinally this week and will go back to trying to sleep naturally when the vacay is finished. I’m rather enjoying this boat cruise though. Very small ship so not overwhelming. Just a nice simple moveable hotel and the food has been quite good.

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    1. Fine, skip the bag museum but then you won’t be able to say you saw Michael Jackson’s purse like I can. I’ve never done the boat thing before. It’s actually nice but a little less activity than we are used to while traveling—maybe that’s a good thing. Ps Slept fine last night with aid of chemicals.

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  4. You have a way of meeting whatever life dishes out with good humor — at least in your writing. I can’t sleep at night either. Fell asleep at the computer today and came within an inch of crashing my head into the keyboard when I drifted off. Too bad I can’t sleep like that lying in a bed. I hope the rest of your trip goes better — that you get some sleep and don’t miss any more of the tours and outings.

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    1. This is how I feel on the bus! Yes! Why can’t we sleep like normal folks? I’ve been sleeping but with drugs. That stops tomorrow when I get back home. Thanks for the comment. Just back to WiFi so sorry for the late response.


  5. Wow, again a lot of cool parts to tour including that bag and purse museum. . . I’m a little stunned at the last shot and would hope someone would warn me if I were in a tunnel, caught along a metal dock or ?!
    Crazy places but the glassed in hidey hole at least looks fabulous and fancy!

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