Let’s Go to The Netherlands in April, He Said. It Will Be Springtime, He Said.

It has been cold and rainy here with only brief pockets of sunshine and mild temperatures.

When The BIL emailed us this time last year and asked if we wanted to spontaneously book a trip to the Netherlands and Belgium in April the following year, I remember reading the brochure and seeing that the Tulips would be in bloom and we readily responded, “Yes, please”.

But this year has been cold. Every guide we’ve had has celebrated this fact. Apparently the Dutch are cold weather hounds who pray for frigid temperatures. In other news, God apparently likes the Dutch because it is frigid here, as they requested. I’ve worn everything I packed. Today I mean. In a very Ralphie-esque move I wore everything I packed today at the same time.

Copyright 2018
Shivering in Ghent, April 2018

In Ghent and Bruges our walking tour guide, Véronique (it must be said was a spitting Doppelgänger of The Husband’s Ex), was dressed in a light coat with no gloves and panty hose. It was 43 degrees and raining. When the sun peeked out for 1.8 second she exclaimed that it sure was uncomfortable when it was sunny. Meanwhile my American team spent our “free time” not shopping for Belgium lace or chocolate candy but drinking hot beverages in a dive brasserie.

Copyright 2018
Hot beverages in Ghent, Belgium, April 2018

When Véronique said, “You can buys lots of crap in this store to your right”, as any good Ralphie, I couldn’t turn to look. (I found out later she meant crab).

Tomorrow there is a chance of sun. I will still bundle but maybe this time I will see the crap. Here are highlights of the lovely if freezing Ghent and Bruges, Belgium:



  1. Read Lyart (in Berlin). Read Cirumstance (in Austria). All of us are suffering from The Winter That Would Not End. Sorry your vacation is being affected by this year’s aberration. On the other hand, how many people can say they went to the Netherlands in spring and didn’t see any tulips?

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    1. I saw greenhouse tulips but suspect it is not the same (though still amazing). The sun came out 3 days ago for me in Belgium. Also you? Or are you still in winter?


  2. Sounds like what would happen if I ever got to The Netherlands and Belgium in the spring. Freeze warning for tonight here in North Carolina. Cold and damp. It was 82 degrees a few days ago.

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  3. I love the cynical and yet humorous movie with two contract spies (one is Colin Farrell and the other Brendan Gleeson “In Bruges,” 2008.)
    Your tour commentary is reminiscent of high comedy, which includes the comment about David’s ex-wife and the tour guide’s affinity towards cold, brisk weather. 🙂😀🤗

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  4. Yes, we have been unlucky this year as it has been the coldest and wettest winter and spring that anyone remembers. I thought we were taking a year out to spend winter in the sun, but, although it has been much more pleasanter than in the UK and we have had lovely sunny winter days warm enough to sit outside for a drink even in January, we did get that Beast from the East (twice) and a series of storms all the way from Portugal, through northern Spain and southern France, even on the Med. Maybe we should take next year off too to compensate! Hope the weather warms up for you before you go back to the States.

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