The Heavenly Streets of Paris in the Mornings

Solitude matters, and for some people, it’s the air they breathe” ~ Susan Cain

I imagine someday I will go into the light, then immediately see Saint Peter. I haven’t had time to check my hair or have my coffee but Pete says, “I’ve got a surprise for YOU!” Then he opens gold-guilded double doors and there’s MY family. Aye aye aye. The family. They all start talking at once. “How are the kids? Guess who’s dying next? Doesn’t Dad look awesome? We saw you do that ugly cry when you died! Don’t you love not having a body? Go talk to Grandpa…” I dash into a hallway and hiss to myself, “Oh my gaaawwd! I hate surprise parties!” Guy next to me in a red onesie with horns, takes a drag off his cigarette and on the exhale breaths out, “I ain’t God”.

Listen, I love all y’all (that’s plural “you” for those who don’t speak Okie). I do. I love my husband and the incredible bond we have as two people having one lifetime. But I need time alone. To say I’m enjoying my mornings alone in Paris immensely is understated. The introvert in me is being fed and watered every morning. The Husband leaves for school every morning and I am free to roam. I’ve logged 50 miles on foot in seven days just getting lost and found again.

I love the sound and bustle of the street markets, the absolute delight of a shopkeeper greeting me, the elderly men in their suits and hats, the women in dresses and Queen E jackets. I love the grime of the subway and the renewing signs of spring in the gardens. I love the art in the architecture. I simply love Paris. It is my heaven.

Allow my photos to take you on a stroll in the filtered light of Paris mornings.

The Definition of Street Art

Rue Cler Market Street

Alexandre III Bridge

Towers and Tops, Paris 7th

Bicycles for Rent on the Seine

A Chalky Walk

Louvre Lord and Lady

In Flight at the Tuileries

A Game of Chess?

‘Yellow Vests’ Training Camp?–at the Louvre

In the Shadows at the Louvre

Monsieur et Madame Français

Reflecting Old in New, Near Hotel de Ville

Signs of Fashion Week, at Deux Magots

A Peaceful Promenade, Tuileries looking toward the Louvre

Tuileries Carousel

Opéra Garnier

Sky over the River Seine

Steam from Metro, Near Place de la Vendôme


Matching Sky and Domes, Grands Magazins of Paris 9th

All images copyrighted 2019


    1. Oh, what a miracle it would be if we could see them again. But for me, I’d prefer one on one! And maybe Heaven is custom tailored to each of us. Thanks so much for the comment and for reading. Paris should be on your bucket list.

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  1. Thanks for the tour of Paris. Great photos!

    I clicked on “Like,” but my mug shot refuses to appear there. Perhaps I’m in the Witness Protection Program and they forgot to tell me.

    Be sure to see the comment I left on your turtle blog post. I say y’all, too. It just naturally rolls off my tongue. I love the Southern accent. I hope no one thinks otherwise of me after reading the comments about Where the Crawdads Sing that I’ve left on your earlier blog posts.

    Keep enjoying your alone time and all the sights, sounds, and aromas of the streets of Paris.

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    1. My hubby has some strong southern isms and he wonders why people don’t always understand his French. I tell him, “not everyone understands your English, dear”.


  2. I don’t believe in an afterlife (well, accurately, I usually don’t believe in one!) but if one existed mine would be noisy. And, like you, I like alone time. Love your photos, it looks like an amazing place. I’ve been to France but didn’t make it to Paris and these days travelling and me (I?) don’t agree.

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  3. Oh I loved your pictures. For just a few years I lived in a big city downtown and loved walking through the streets. Many times that became my day’s “exercise.” Your pictures brought that back for me. Thank you.
    And St. Peter is going to be on his best behavior when you get to those gates.

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    1. I’ve never lived in a big city so I’m like Country Mouse when I get here. Not sure if I would want it for my life every day though. Apartment living has real disadvantages (e.g. the crazy “gamer” that yells at his TV till 10pm). Thanks for commenting on the photos. I was really happy with some things I was able to capture.

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    1. Aren’t you close though? I thought I remembered you moved to England recently? Possibly I have you confused with another blogger whom I also follow with passion. Paris is awesome. I never tire of it.


  4. I am with you on that one, sister: I adore my family and Peter’s, but I also cherish my independence and solitude; I mean, how else am I supposed to think and be creative? I could walk forever exploring new towns and streets and photographing them. And your photos of Paris are AWESOME! I particularly like the one of the couple walking towards you. 💖👍By the way, my husband has the keys to Heaven, in case you need me to put in a word word for you. 😉

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    1. I didn’t know this about you! So we are more kindred than I even knew. I had the best time taking those photos. I have a new method of looking like I’m on my phone while I’m really stalking people (like that adorable couple). What’s this about your hubby having the keys to Heaven? Can he get me a non-smoking room away from the streets?

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  5. Fabulous pictures! Love the lighting. I really have to dig out my real camera and start using it again. I also totally get the need to be alone. One thing I love to do is go to restaurants by myself – don’t ask me why. Susan Cain – is that quote from “Quiet”? That book had an effect on my life.
    And now I am all caught up – looking forward to more!

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    1. I do the restaurant alone thing when traveling outside the US. It is so common and so easy. Back home they keep bugging you like you’re taking a good table that might leave a bigger tip. I actually don’t know where the quote came from. I googled my topic and that perfect quote magically appeared. And now I have to add Quiet to my long books to read list. I have missed you and am genuinely happy to hear from you.

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  6. Great photos – so glad you’re having a good time after all the difficult goings-on since your last trip to Paris. I am making all my comments in one go – I’ve been reading the posts when they come through but via my email notifications. Haven’t made it onto WP until today. Have a couple of posts of my own to catch up on but I haven’t done them owing to the three ‘nesses’ – busy, lazy(i) and ill. The first is always present, the second comes and goes and the third is on its way out.

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    1. I will look forward to catching up. Sorry you have been ill but glad to know you’re better. Thank you, always, for following and commenting. It means so much to me.


  7. Thank you for a lovely stroll Alison. Greeen with envy that you should be in Paris right now. 😉 Joke. We’ll go in July. Great pix. The first is across Orsay and la Légion d’honneur, right?
    Enjoy la ville-lumière.


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